Port of Spain, Trinidad. November 25th, 2022: Angostura® in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity championed an intensive four-weeks Construction Technology workshop for residents from the Company’s fenceline community of Laventille/Morvant. The workshop was designed to impart theoretical and practical knowledge to skilled and unskilled tradesmen with a keen interest in the construction industry.
It focused on topics such as blueprint reading, basic project management skills, laying good foundations, plastering walls and reducing risks on the work site.

The participants were awarded a certificate for excelling in the workshop and in addition, received a toolkit, a bucket and a trowel to assist with further enhancing their construction skills and expertise that will allow them to become more marketable.

This initiative from Angostura® is yet another example of the Company’s commitment to supporting the fenceline community of Laventille/Morvant, which we have been doing for many years through a variety of programmes aimed at enhancing the quality of life for its residents. The Company recognized the impact that an initiative such as this one would have on the community by contributing to economic growth in creating a better educated and more skillful workforce.

Member of Parliament for Laventille East/Morvant, the Honourable Adrian Leonce said, “This is not a journey to only say we were present, we have a received a toolbox and a certificate and we have stopped. This is a journey; this is a partnership, and this is how we are going to improve our community. I would like to thank the participants of this programme, each and every one of you for taking and making a decision to sacrifice some of your time to develop yourself personally, to increase knowledge and to make yourself better.”

National Director for Habitat for Humanity, Ms. Jennifer Massiah said, “If we could get all the persons that hold the construction tools to do a better job, we will have less impact and less hazards as specially on the most vulnerable families.”

Course Coordinator for the Construction Technology workshop, Mr. Fleville Tinto said, “People have a tendency of looking at you and trying to determine who you should be. By using opportunities like this, you can very well look them in the face and say, ‘I am not going to be what you think I should be. I am developing myself and one day, I am going to be that piece of gold that came out of the ground, very ugly and marred, but with the pressure and the heat that was applied to my process, I have now become shining gold.”