ANGOSTURA<sup>®</sup> aromatic bitters

ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters

In 1824, Dr. Johann G.B. Siegert created treatments and potions to cure digestive troubles among soldiers during the wars. Dr. Siegert perfected a secret formula that he called 'Amargo Aromatico', currently known as ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters. The formulation was named after the town of Angostura (now called Ciudad Bolívar) on the Orinoco River in Venezuela. Almost two centuries later, the recipe for ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters remains one of the most well-kept secrets and the brand is a world class market leader in bitters.

ANGOSTURA® orange bitters

ANGOSTURA® orange bitters

Over a century after the first Angostura bitters range was produced, ANGOSTURA® orange bitters was developed and introduced to the market. ANGOSTURA® orange bitters is made from its own special secret recipe and does not contain any of the ingredients in ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters. It is a complex blend of tropical oranges and spices.

ANGOSTURA<sup>®</sup> cocoa bitters

ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters

Our latest innovation in the bitters range is ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters launched in July 2020, after years of continuous research and trials. The Angostura® team mastered the perfect recipe, using Trinidad and Tobago’s internationally famous, and indigenous, Trinitario cocoa to produce Angostura® cocoa bitters; as the Company continues to push the boundaries of flavour, taking inspiration from our history and local heritage. Crafted to inspire creativity and experimentation with flavour combinations, this new product is ideal for use in both professional and at-home settings, and for sweet and savoury applications.