Angostura® partnered with Pennacool.Com to distribute SEA practice test booklets, ahead of the exam in March, to the Standard 5 students in seventeen primary schools within its fenceline community of Laventille/Morvant. The Company has a long history of supporting youth and education, and as a key stakeholder in the community it recognized the need to ensure that these students had access to this very important learning resource.

Expressing his appreciation of Angostura’s support for the programme, Pennacool.Com’s Managing Director, Phaessuh Kromah, said, “Education is the key that opens doors to countless opportunities. It is the bridge that connects dreams to reality. In our joint commitment with Angostura, we unite to fortify this bridge, ensuring that it is accessible and well-lit for every young mind in Morvant/Laventille. Together we shoulder the collective responsibility of empowering these students and nurturing the potential that resides in each of them.”

Angostura’s Executive Manager – Marketing, Sophie Charles Barber said, “Angostura® has championed the dual causes of youth and education for many years, providing support in a number of varied ways. This collaboration with Pennacool.Com allows us to put an invaluable tool in the hands of these children and reinforces our commitment to our fenceline community.”

Acting Principal of Laventille Girls’ Government Primary School, Patricia Thorington, expressed deepest gratitude for another one of Angostura’s educational initiatives. Ms. Thorington said, “Once again Angostura® has taken the lead in the promotion and support of education in our community. The principal, staff, students and parents/guardians wish to thank them for this timely assistance.”

Principal of Chinapoo Government Primary School, Mavis Springer said, “We are extremely grateful for Angostura’s continued support of our school and students, once again, manifested by this latest generous donation of these Pennacool workbooks.  I would like to thank the Company for their generous support in assisting us to improve the academic performances of our students.”

Acting Principal of Malick Girls, Dawn Newton-Cooper, stated, “Your magnanimity and resourcefulness in providing test papers, free of charge, will always be remembered. We commit to demonstrating our thankfulness by encouraging the students to work diligently and cooperatively in the lead-up to the examination.”

Angostura® wishes students preparing for the SEA examination all the best!