Angostura® continues its tradition of giving back to the country with donations to several NGOs and groups across Trinidad and Tobago as part of its annual Christmas Cheer initiative. Angostura® went on a merry mission to sprinkle some holiday magic far and wide. The Company distributed food hampers, toy vouchers and Angostura® Chill beverages. These contributions were aimed at supporting families, uplifting spirits and bringing a sense of joy during the festive season across different communities nationwide including Angostura’s fenceline community of Laventille/Morvant.

Some of the NGOs and groups included: Loveuntil Foundation, Hummingbird Foundation, Build A Life Foundation, IGBEGA Foundation, Foundation for the Upliftment and Enrichment in Laventille, Laventille Community Children’s Project, Chinapoo United Youth Club, Poole River Presbyterian Primary School, Corinth/Cedar Hill Coordinating Committee, Sal Tarre Development Foundation, Mayaro Past Pupils Association, Single Mothers Association (SMATT), Bethesda for Persons with Disabilities, Foundation for the Upliftment of Humanity, Fanny Village Primary School and St. Helena Presbyterian Primary School.

Angostura’s Christmas cheer initiative embodies the essence of the season, spreading joyfulness like confetti, year after year.

Merry Christmas from the House of Angostura!