Angostura®, a trailblazer in the spirits industry, concluded its groundbreaking Tamboo Baltic Tour, leaving a lasting impression across Riga, Vilnius, and Wroclaw. Angostura® meticulously executed a series of events, embodying precision, innovation, and an unrivaled taste experience.

The journey commenced with a Bar Tour in Riga, where short visits to several bars including Cloud Nine, Bar XIII, A’Drop, This Place Doesn’t Need a Name, Barents, and others. This was followed by casual Angostura® Tamboo tastings by Brand Ambassador, Daniyel Jones integrated with an exclusive invitation to a master class, creating a technical synergy for the local bartender community.

Angostura® presented its brand portfolio including Angostura® Tamboo to the Riga bartender community at Digital Arthouse Riga. This event featured premium rums and Tamboo tastings, coupled with a Quiz Game offering prizes. The evening concluded with an after party boasting signature cocktail serves, with detailed technical elements such as invitations, cocktail menus, space branding, a photo zone, and an enhanced product display.

Transitioning to Lithuania, Angostura® presented its rum portfolio to the Vilnius bartender community. The meticulously planned event included a welcome drink, premium rums, Tamboo tastings. The grandeur of the Tamboo launch was celebrated at Bizzare restaurant and bar in Vilnius. Ambassador Daniyel Jones delivered a brief welcome introduction, and guests were treated to an entertainment programme, a signature cocktail menu featuring Rum classics and Angostura® Tamboo ‘easy’ mixes, a prize raffle with Tamboo bottles autographed by Daniyel Jones, and a special Tamboo photo zone. Technical elements, including invitations, cocktail menus, space branding, and an enhanced product display.

The Baltic Tour featured short visits to RumBar, Texico, Salvador, P2, Incognito, and Vertigo—Wroclaw’s top 6 trending cocktail venues. These interactions with the local bar teams incorporated casual Tamboo tastings by Daniyel Jones, followed by exclusive invitations to HOA master classes at the Rum Love Festival.

The final chapter unfolded at the Rum Love 2023 Festival – a planned two-day extravaganza featured tastings and signature cocktail serves at the Angostura® Rum booth, Tamboo outdoor bar area, and Angostura® brand portfolio presentations and tastings by Daniyel Jones in the Master Class Zones. Technical activations, including branded brand booths, giveaways, cocktail cards, behind-the-bar product displays, and strategic digital posts, harmonized to enhance the festival experience.

Angostura’s Tamboo Baltic Tour showcased the epitome of technical sophistication, inviting enthusiasts, industry professionals, and media representatives to partake in this extraordinary celebration of flavour, craft, and innovation.