Angostura® the renowned spirits brand, has achieved a resounding success in the Hungary and Romania markets with the activation and launch campaign for Angostura Tamboo. Angostura® Tamboo Spiced Rum was first launched in Trinidad and Tobago in January 2022. This rum is expertly crafted by Angostura® blending team using Caribbean spices: cinnamon, cardamom and clove. The campaigns in the Hungary and Romania markets showcased a series of eight brand events and activities across two markets featuring brand ambassador, Daniyel Jones.

The campaign introduced Angostura Tamboo to trade partners, influential members of bartender communities and to target end consumers in Budapest and Bucharest. The events collectively garnered over 250 direct contacts. The reception of Angostura Tamboo within the Hungarian and Romanian trade was exceptionally positive. Guests at the events praised Tamboo’s distinctive taste profile and the product’s appealing and standout packaging, reinforcing its unique position in the market.

Angostura Tamboo sales commenced in both markets in early March 2023, with a strategic focus on trending On-Trade accounts. The initial phase has set the stage for future activations and listings, ensuring a strong presence in the coming months.

The launch included planned activations, including the Tiki Cocktail Competition executed at Rumpus Tiki Bart, Budapest. This competition was organized in collaboration with the Bar Mixer bartender school and showcased not only Angostura Tamboo but also the brand’s wider portfolio, including Rums and Angostura® bitters. The activations included in-depth Tamboo tastings at each venue, revealing the exceptional flavour profiles of Angostura’s latest creation. The activations strengthened the ties with local bartender communities, fostering a deeper understanding of the craft and exclusive product presentations and tastings, allowing participants to delve into the intricate world of Angostura spirits.

The success of the campaign included a strategic mix of social media announcements, printed invitations, posters, and product displays at event locations.

Additionally, Angostura® also captured Bucharest with a curated series of exclusive activities. The events unfolded with the presence of Angostura’s esteemed distributors such as on-Trade managers, bartenders, and influential members of the local drinks industry.

The brand – Tamboo, conducted an exclusive presentation at Fix Me a Drink Bar, delivering an immersive experience tailored for discerning professionals. The experience extended beyond visual engagement, incorporating a curated tasting session that allowed the bartender community to delve into the nuanced flavours of Tamboo and provided an in-depth exploration of Angostura’s brand diverse offerings.

The event seamlessly blended technology and aesthetics, utilizing visual presentations and product displays to create a captivating environment, which concluded with the presentation of attendance diplomas, reinforcing the value of their involvement in the brand’s execution.