In 2023, Angostura® took an active role in the fourth installment of BARRA Mexico, a highly influential event situated in the bustling metropolis of Mexico City. This event fostered a pivotal nexus for both consumers and professionals across the Latin American spirits industry. BARRA Mexico stands as a beacon for the dissemination of emerging industry trends, product launches, educational endeavours, and the nurturing of a vibrant and interconnected bar community.

Within the framework of BARRA Mexico’s fourth installment, a well-defined and strategic emphasis encompassed both on-premise and off-premise sectors, catering thoughtfully to the distinctive needs and preferences of the discerning consumer base.

The BARRA Mexico show in 2023 presented an enticing array of finely crafted cocktails such as Queen´s Park Swizzle, 1919 Ole Fashioned and Manhattan that showcased the artistry and innovation prevalent in the spirits industry. The show featured a remarkable selection of 132 cocktails, each served in a compact 6-ounce glass, demonstrating the ability to encapsulate complex flavours.

Various activities were organized during this event, including Angostura Night at the Balmori and Angostura Night at the Kaito. These events were expressly designed to furnish attendees with unparalleled, indelible, and distinctive experiences.

Furthermore, the involvement extended to a Master Class hosted by Angostura’s Chief Brand Educator – Raymond Edwards, thereby enriching the educational component of the event. Such active participation underscores Angostura’s unwavering commitment to engaging with industry professionals and enthusiasts while solidifying its presence and influence within the Latin American spirits market.

This multifaceted approach underscores BARRA Mexico’s mission to deliver comprehensive insights, stimulate industry growth, and ensuring the seamless convergence of diverse industry stakeholders.