January 12, 2021

For the fourth year running, the world’s premier bartenders named ANGOSTURA® bitters the Best-Selling Bitters and Top Trending Bitters in the world in the Drinks International’s Annual Brand Report 2021.

Now in its twelfth year, the Report is a snapshot of the buying habits of the world’s best bars. Predicated on a global survey of a 100-strong sample of the world’s best bars, those which have been nominated or won international awards, the Report offers insight into the drinks brands used at the elite end of the bar trade.

Respondents, which included bar owners, bar managers and head bartenders were asked to rank their three best-selling products in each category of spirits (plus wine and beer), offering insight into the brands that are selling best. The trending lists offer an indication of the brands that are hot right now and ANGOSTURA® bitters tops that list again in the Spirits category.

Hamish Smith, editor of the Drinks International’s Annual Brands Report, said: ” The objective of this report is not to gain a wide insight into thousands of bars, but just those that operate at the most influential end of the pyramid. In 2020, few areas of trade have been impacted by the pandemic more than hospitality, and within an ailing sector, bars have suffered most acutely.

But amid the disruption to the worldwide bar scene, business has been done. There have been reduced hours and periods of closure for most bars around the world, but broadly speaking, for most of this year, the majority of bars managed to trade to some degree. The Brands Report attempts to offer some insight into this picture.”

The Bitters category was added to the Drinks International Brands Report in 2018 in recognition of the contribution Bitters has made to the creation of some of the most classic cocktails. In addition to ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters and ANGOSTURA® orange bitters, ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters was launched in 2020. ANGOSTURA® Cocoa Bitters is made using Trinidad and Tobago’s own Trinitario cocoa, which is regarded globally as the world’s finest cocoa hybrid.

To meet the demand for this indigenous product, local producers from Trinidad and Tobago have been engaged to provide the company with the cocoa needed to make ANGOSTURA® Cocoa Bitters, which is already available in over 1,000 WALMART stores, as well as in the UK and Europe.

This mutually rewarding relationship validates The House of Angostura’s commitment to supporting local cocoa farmers through sustainable business opportunities, while helping to grow the agricultural sector and diversify Trinidad and Tobago’s economy.

Upon learning of this latest ANGOSTURA® bitters accolade, Mr. Ian Forbes, CEO Ag at ANGOSTURA® Ltd., said: “Last year was a challenging one on many fronts for the local business sector, in particular the bar industry. To achieve this award for the fourth consecutive year against the backdrop of a global pandemic speaks volumes about the commitment and professionalism of our dedicated staff, as well as to our focus on constantly seeking to improve and innovate. The launch of our newest signature Bitters,  ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters, is testament to this and is already being considered a classic.

Forbes concluded by saying, “investing in the best talent in the industry is a hallmark of the House Of Angostura®. This is evidenced by our intensive education programme, as well as our staging of the ANGOSTURA®  Global Cocktail Challenge, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020. As we look to the year ahead, we will continue along this trend of education, product innovation and investment as we continue to pursue our strategic business objectives”.

ANGOSTURA® bitters is made with the original, closely guarded secret recipe, first developed in 1824 by company founder, Dr. Johann Siegert. The brand is manufactured exclusively in Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean, and holds the Royal Warrant of Appointment to the Queen of England, first granted to it in 1955.