Angostura® achieved a significant milestone by successfully launching its globally renowned ANGOSTURA® bitters brand in Guatemala in 2022. This strategic move was made possible through a partnership with “Distribuidora Alcazaren S.A.,” a distributor recognized for its excellence in the spirits industry. Notably, Distribuidora Alcazaren S.A. handles a prestigious portfolio of principals, including industry giants such as Brown-Forman and Edrington, as well as esteemed brands like Tito’s Vodka and Sazerac.

Guatemala, as the second most populous country in Central America, presented a promising opportunity for market expansion. Angostura’s partnership with Distribuidora Alcazaren S.A. not only allowed for the introduction of ANGOSTURA® bitters into this vibrant market but also demonstrated the Company’s commitment to aligning with top-tier distributors in the spirits industry.

The Company’s decision to enter the Guatemala market was grounded in the country’s economic significance within Central America. Guatemala boasts one of the larger economies in the region, and previous years had demonstrated stable economic growth. The primary rationale was to further our Central American distribution objectives. Additionally, the market displayed effective brand awareness, enabling Angostura® to establish a partnership with a leading distributor.

At present, Angostura® exports the ANGOSTURA® bitters range to Guatemala, with a single shipment per year. The selection of ANGOSTURA® bitters range for initial commercialization was determined after considering several factors which included regulatory complexities associated with different product categories, the competitive landscape, and existing consumer awareness and trust. Opting for the bitters range allowed for faster product registration and reached a demographic that already possessed a degree of familiarity with the brand.

Guatemala’s cocktail culture is still in its nascent stage and requires concerted efforts to promote and nurture. The distributor in Guatemala has been actively integrating our brand into various cocktails, positioning it as a key component of the consumer experience.

There has been a consistent annual increase in the volume of exports to Guatemala. Additionally, there is anticipation regarding the pending shipment of our latest innovation, ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters, to further bolster our presence in the market.

The ANGOSTURA® bitters range is prominently featured and available for purchase on the Distribuidora Alcazaren S.A. e-commerce portal.