Angostura® consistently positions itself as a pioneering advocate for responsible consumption throughout Trinidad and Tobago. In December, and in time for the festive season, the Company launched its responsible campaign on social media called #PartyLikeThereIsATomorrow. The campaign was designed to resonate with the public on the dangers of excessive drinking during the holidays.

The essence of this campaign pivots around a central theme: “Gauging Your Consumption“. This message underscores the importance of mindfulness and moderation when indulging in alcoholic beverages. We aim to cultivate a culture where individuals can savour our products responsibly, understanding their limits, and ensuring their well-being and safety.

This campaign delves deeper into the social aspect of drinking, emphasizing the idea of #PartyingLikeThereIsATomorrow”. While celebrations and gatherings are integral to human connection and cultural festivities, it is paramount that they are conducted with awareness and foresight. We encourage our consumers to embrace the joy of the present moment while considering the implications of their actions on the future.