How to join our fellow Angosturians

The Group is in search of ambitious, energetic, and innovative minds. Keep an eye out for various job opportunities in the following fields:

Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Production Operations, Inventory and Warehouse, Chemical Laboratory, Distillery, Logistics, Supply Chain, Engineering and Maintenance, Retail and Sales Marketing, Brand Marketing, Finance, Public Relations and Hospitality, Corporate Office Services, Information Technology, Legal, Records Management, HSSE, Waste Water Treatment.

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Why should you join our team?

  1. Closing the gender gap
  2. – In each department there are now females leading in a previously male dominated role.

  3. Diversity, inclusivity, equity
  4. – Each department works as one regardless of their gender, race, age and religion, and are all treated fairly.

  5. Investing in our people
  6. – Training our talent to reach their optimal potential.

    “If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.” - Steven Johnston

    At Angostura Limited, we have a strong Competency Skills Based Framework that ensures training and development is at the heart of our operations and new product development innovations. Our employees are exposed to Competencies that are aligned with their current roles and future career paths. We have strong alliances with the Harvard Business School through the Harvard Manager Mentor Programme facilitated by Knowledge Works Consulting and the Association for Business Executives through their online learning portal. Our employees are exposed to quality learning content on virtual platforms that are updated with real time case studies and assessments.

    The Group recognizes that certain competencies are critical for its success and shall invest in programme-based training for employees through the Employee Education Assistance Programmes which entails study leave and sponsorships for tertiary level examinations.

    We seek to expand on the learning agility of employees in compliance with our Learning and Development, as well as, Succession Planning and Talent Management Policies. This covers an array of strategies to boost employee efficiency/performance, such as coaching and mentorships provided by both regional and internationally recognized training providers.

    We are also an ACCA Approved Employer – Professional Development Institution. Our employees benefit from training opportunities on the job that allow them to attain Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Our membership with the American Chamber of Commerce, Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturer’s Association, Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce and Employers Consultative Association allows us to develop strong ties and partnerships for our staff. Our employees gain exposure in all facets of business be it; government policies, legal frameworks, sustainability initiatives etc.

  7. Mental Health and Overall Wellness

The group understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the impact it can have on the performance of its employees.

The Group has formed a partnership with Elder Association Limited (EAL) to guarantee the mental wellbeing of employees through the Employee Assistance Programme.

EAL provides a complement of psychological support, such as individual, marital and family counselling, crisis interventions, staff development services, management assistance programmes and psychodiagnostic services.

There is a gym on the premises which Is free to all staff, as well as, weekly sessions of Zumba and aerobics.