This limited-edition rum epitomizes the essence of Trinidad and Tobago and the Siegert Legacy with its combination of warm and passionate aged rums and the company’s unique, iconic aromatic bitters.

It was created in memory of the only rm made using Angostura aromatic bitters in the Siegert Legacy- “Pink Rum” and the very first rum made by the Siegerts- “Siegerts Bouquet”, which became a Trinidadian tradition and was the start if the company’s rich heritage in the 1960’s.

“Siegert 190” is truly a classic, showcasing the company’s creativity in blending which Dr. Johann Siegert was well known for. Full of flavour and aromatic appeal, this rum is like no other dark rum, marrying the strong aromatic strains of the bitters and the robust tones of the rums. It should be sipped neat or on the rocks.

Yet another rum by the House of Angostura, befitting the celebration of its 190th Anniversary.