We are proud to celebrate this monumental achievement of Manufacturer of the Year 2022 from the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) with our staff who has worked with us to accomplish the Award.

This Award is a testament to the hard work, sacrifice and dedication of our team amid a volatile world economic environment. Their efforts continue to be instrumental in shaping Angostura’s legacy.

We thank our staff, local, regional and international customers for contributing to the Company’s exponential growth in sales. The recognition from the TTMA for this Award underscores the impact of our contributions to the manufacturing sector and motivates us to strive for greater heights as we continue to bottle and export a taste of Trinidad and Tobago’s spirit to the world.

Angostura® surpassed expectations in the following areas to receive this prestigious TTMA Award:

  • Local input in all products
  • Increase in growth in production
  • Highest recorded sales in the Company’s history
  • Commendable Health, Safety and Environment track record with no major incidents
  • Significant growth in export markets
  • Geographic reach in over 170 markets
  • Continuous excellence in innovation
  • Investment in local communities

Angostura® thanks the TTMA for acknowledging our achievements with this esteemed Award.

Thank you, Trinidad and Tobago, we export you to the world, we export our culture to the world!