On World Tourism Day, which is being celebrated today, Angostura® collaborated with Tourism Trinidad Limited (TTL), by donating some of our iconic rum barrels to tourism stakeholders – Lopinot Countrystyle Community Tourism (Café Mariposa) and Trini Tours and Transportation Company, which operates in Paramin, as a way of promoting eco-tourism and environmental consciousness in the most innovative way.

These repurposed rum barrels will find new life as planters within the eco-tourism sphere and fit within this year’s World Environment Day theme, ‘Tourism and Green Investment’. This creative transformation not only aligns with the theme, but also reflects Angostura’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Angostura’s Executive Manager – Marketing, Mrs. Sophie Charles-Barber said, “Angostura® recognizes the pivotal role tourism plays in our nation’s growth, and our shared vision with TTL is to contribute to the preservation of our beautiful island’s natural wonders while enhancing the experiences of both tourists and locals.”

Mrs. Charles-Barber added, “As we move forward with this eco-conscious initiative, we hope that the repurposed rum barrels will serve as symbols of Angostura’s commitment to environmental sustainability and as a reminder that tourism can be a driving force for positive change.”

As we celebrate World Tourism Day, let us pledge to work together to make our beautiful island a more sustainable and eco-friendly destination by leaving a positive mark on the places we explore for future generations to come.