The month of November is designated as Caribbean Tourism Month, and Angostura® was pleased to collaborate yet again with Trinidad Tourism Limited to promote eco-friendly tourism practices through the Sustainable Tourism Cask Repurposing Initiative. A total of 60 repurposed rum barrels were distributed to four key stakeholders in the eco-tourism industry, Brasso Seco Paria Tourism Action Committee, Fondes Amandes Reforestation Project, Princes Town Regional Corporation and Beausejour Community Council.

Representative from the Beausejour Community Council, Elizabeth Belcon, said “The casks donated by Angostura and TTL will go towards creating planters for local provisions to be used as an alternative flour for our dirt ovens, which is part of a sustainable project to share the experience and flavours that make Trinidad and Tobago unique for domestic foreign tourism.”

Representative from the Brasso Seco Paria Tourism Action Committee, Carolyn Toussaint, said “We wish to thank Angostura and TTL for the donation of the 15 barrels received which will be used for our agro projects. We are known to be a model community, as we offer both community-based and agro-based tourism”.

Angostura® continues to show its support for the tourism industry and the environment through initiatives such as these.