This year Angostura® is celebrating 50 years of showcasing the Barcant Butterfly Collection. In 1974, Angostura® acquired a huge collection of preserved butterfly specimens from local lepidopterist Malcolm Barcant, who had spent almost 50 years of his life catching and cataloguing various species of butterflies from around the world. The collection boasts of specimens from 615 different species of butterflies that make Trinidad and Tobago their home. It also contains specimens of some very rare, exotic and extraordinary butterflies from the Caribbean, South, Central and North America, parts of Africa and Asia. 

In all, over 5000 specimens of butterflies make up this unique collection, the only one of its kind in the Caribbean. Thousands of people have visited the Barcant Butterfly Collection over the past 50 years, including Queen Elizabeth II during her state visit to Trinidad in 1985. Today, the Collection of 5000 butterfly specimens attracts hundreds of local and foreign visitors each year, including school children and adults. 

Through our conservation of the Angostura® Barcant Butterfly Collection, the Company provides a valuable resource for education and research, allowing visitors to learn about the stunning array of butterfly species in the Caribbean. This ownership also enables Angostura® to share the beauty and importance of these delicate creatures, promoting conservation and awareness of their critical role in the ecosystem. 

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