Port of Spain, November 20th 2019 – As part of Angostura’s thrive to innovation and keeping up with current market trends, the Company added a new flavour to its White Oak line – Angostura® White Oak Sorrel Flavoured Rum, the first in a range of new flavours. This new flavoured rum is available nationwide in 750 ml and selected export markets. 

According to Rahim Mohammed, Executive Manager – Corporate Services and Marketing, the Sorrel Flavoured Rum was a natural fit as it is one of the most sought-after drink around this Christmas period. He said this new flavour will be sold from as early as Monday 18th November, “We are excited to launch this new flavour and just in time for Christmas. Many people equate sorrel with end of year celebrations, and we saw it appropriate to release this flavour at this time.” 

The aroma of the new Sorrel Flavoured Rum will incorporate floral notes with hints of sorrel infused with cinnamon and clove and will have a mellow taste with a balance of sweet and rumminess. The colour is transparent, and it has a medium to long finish with sweet, spicy notes lingering on the palate.  

Mr. Mohammed also expressed delight at the many new flavours which will soon be offered, “It will be truly an immersive experience with many of the flavours having an exotic Caribbean flair. This is surely a new era for Angostura® and White Oak.”