Port of Spain, Trinidad. Monday October 14, 2019:

“The Audio Essentials Workshop for me was very informative, interactive and filled with networking opportunities! We not only got in-depth with the fundamentals of production but got a real opportunity to understand the business aspect of our craft as well. I now have a different
mindset moving forward executing with precision… (no pun intended)” (Rheon Elbourne)

“It enlightened me to obtain a greater sense of purpose and direction through
music and the music business” (Justyn Julien)

“Thankful someone like Angostura gave me a chance to learn more and connect with
some of the biggest names in music” (Jaron Forbes)

“Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended. Thank you @angosturahouse for sponsoring and securing our spots at the @precisionprod Audio Essentials Workshop. The lectures were stimulating, informative and their methods of delivery were easy to understand. It has benefited my colleagues and I remarkably in ways nobody would have imagined”. (Anjelo Noel)

The House of Angostura is pleased to recognize four local producers who completed certification from Precision Production’s Audio Essentials Workshop held at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)’s Academy of Performing Arts, Port of Spain from October 2-6, 2019. Local Producers sponsored by the House of Angostura as VIP participants were Jaron Forbes of Laventille, Rheon Elbourne of Kelly Village, Anjelo Noel of Carenage and Justyn Julien of Arouca. 

Facilitating the workshop for music enthusiasts was CEO of Precision Productions, Kasey Phillips who exposed participants to the art of music production, song writing, recording, mixing, business relations and etiquette, music business, digital marketing and social media/ relationship management. 

Intimate listening sessions were also afforded to them with Grammy Award- winning Songwriter and a member of Record Production duo R. City Theron Thomas and other panelists.

It’s more than just rum! The House of Angostura is a family that connects, through direct involvement and interaction, its brand essence of enrichment, inclusiveness and big heartedness to the passion and culture of individuals, like these four young producers, to Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the world.