Port of Spain, Trinidad. September 25th, 2020: Seven companies joined with Angostura® and the Coosal’s Group of Companies to help the Boodram family from Wilson Road, Penal. 

After the companies learnt of the situation and the support given by Angostura® and Coosal’s, they discussed with Angostura how they can also lend assistance to this worthy cause.   

The companies are: Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd, Persad’s D Food King Group, Nigel R. Khan Bookselling Group, TSTT, Memory Bank Computers Limited, Kaleidoscope Paints Limited and Blue Waters Products Limited. 

Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd donated a living room set, dining room set, refrigerator, gas cooker, twin tub washer and mattresses. Persad’s D Food King Group will be assisting the siblings with groceries for one year. The Nigel R. Khan Bookselling Group will be giving the 12-year-old a gift card to purchase school supplies and books for the next several years until he completes Form 5. TSTT is pledging internet service for a one-year period. Memory Bank Computers Limited is gifting three Lenovo tablets to assist with online learning. Kaleidoscope Paints Limited is providing the paints for the siblings’ house and Blue Waters Products Limited will be supplying cases of water every month for one year. 

The Coosal’s Group of Companies is contributing the building materials for the family, including roofing supplies, and Angostura® is purchasing all the electrical items required. 

On September 12th, 2020 Angostura® and the Coosal’s Group of Companies announced that they will be partnering to help the Boodram family after coming across their story that was published in the Guardian newspaper and aired on CNC3. 

The three siblings aged 12, 18 and 21 were evicted by close relatives following the death of their parents and have been constructing their own house with the help from Samaritans. 

In fact, on September 15th, 2020 officials from Angostura® and the Coosal’s Group of Companies visited the family and saw the 12-year-old boy and his 18-year-old sister, Meera Boodram, actively involved in the construction of their home.  

“It’s not every day that you see a 12-year-old mixing sand and cement and putting up blocks for his home and taking such ownership to secure a better future for his family and him. It is heart-breaking to see that he must go through this when children his age should be involved in online classes right now. As a matter of fact, what we saw in Wilson Road, Penal with a brother and sister team building their home, is a sign of resilience. As a corporate entity we can make a difference in their lives and that is what the Angostura® and Coosal’s teams are doing. With the support from the seven other companies, together we will change the lives of these siblings.” 

Executive Manager – Corporate Services, Mr. Rahim Mohammed

Executive Chairman of the Coosal’s Group of Companies, Mr. Sieunarine Coosal said, “The story of the young Boodram family sadly is not unique, as thousands of families are faced with severe socio-economic circumstances, not only impacted as recent as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but a myriad of other humbling situations presented to us on a daily basis. When their story was highlighted, Angostura® and Coosal’s collaborated in order to bring the desired relief for their immediate needs. We are delighted by bringing awareness to this because it brought an immediate response by corporate Trinidad and Tobago to mobilize support for the provision of items, not only for proper shelter, but will ensure their long-term advancement. The exemplary character of these children is a template for others to follow. It shows with perseverance and the desire to succeed you can achieve a positive outcome.” 

Managing Director of Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd, Mr. Clive Fletcher said, “Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd is proud to lend our support to this initiative. We believe that with strength, resilience and compassion we can rebuild and restart the lives of others who may be faced with unprecedented challenges. We are thankful for the opportunity to contribute and support our future generation.” 

General Manager-Enterprise Services of TSTT, Mr. Ian Galt said, “TSTT has always been committed to investing in the education of our nation’s young people. We understand the grave impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had, especially to families already facing constraints. The company has been working assiduously to support the Ministry of Education’s campaign, “No child is left behind”. On hearing the plight of the Boodram family, TSTT was happy to partner with Angostura®, one of our very valued customers, to do our part. We believe that it is critical to equip these children with the necessary tools needed to enable them to access remote learning.” 

Managing Director of Memory Bank Computers Limited, Mr. Akiel Ghany said, “Enhancing the delivery of education through information technology has long been a passion of Memory Bank Computers and our team. We are happy to donate three Lenovo tablets to the Boodram siblings to assist them in e-learning and in exploring the limitless possibilities that technology can bring to our society and the world.” 

Director of Persad’s D Food King Group, Mr. Vernon Persad said, “We feel blessed and honoured to be included in partnering with other national stakeholders in ensuring that this family’s nutritional needs and quality of life are secured and tangibly improved. We pledge our commitment to supporting the Boodram siblings monthly over the next year with their food sustenance. We are treating and caring for you like family.” 

Managing Director of Nigel R. Khan Bookselling Group, Mr. Nigel R. Khan said, “Education has the power to transform any situation. We will provide our global gift card for purchase of books and supplies this year and each year until the 12-year-old completes Form 5. There is no gift like the gift of education. The Nigel R. Khan Bookseller Group is proud to partner with legacy companies such as Angostura®  and Coosal’s in bringing the beauty of education, inspiration and transformation to our beautiful Trinidad and Tobago.” 

CEO of Kaleidoscope Paints Limited, Mr. Dale Parson said, “Kaleidoscope has joined Angostura®  and Coosal’s in a corporate effort to help the siblings. We saw this initiative as our corporate social responsibility and pledge to support these kids in need with nowhere to live. Kaleidoscope Paints Limited will supply the paints to the Boodram family for their house.” 

Executive Chairman of Blue Waters Products Limited, Mr. Dominic Hadeed said, “We are always committed to supporting those in need; we are proud to partner with Angostura®  to assist the Boodram family.” 

Angostura®  and the Coosal’s Group of Companies would like to thank Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd, Persad’s D’ Food King Group, Nigel R. Khan Bookselling Group, TSTT, Memory Bank Computers Limited, Kaleidoscope Paints Limited and Blue Waters Products Limited for stepping in to bring joy to the Boodram family and improving their lives. Together, we can make a difference in our beloved country. Together, we are resilient!