Angostura® continues to be a leading voice in the alcohol industry championing responsible consumption in Trinidad and Tobago. In December, and in time for the Christmas holidays, Angostura® launched its responsible campaign on social media called #HomeSafe. This campaign is one which is meant to captivate and educate all audiences about the dangers and repercussions of irresponsible alcohol consumption.

The #HomeSafe social media campaign was launched to spread awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving on the road. The campaign included messages and images about the repercussions of driving whilst intoxicated and the impact it can have on one’s life and health.

Did you know when driving, a high Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) can cause blurred vision, reduce your ability to see objects on the road and even lead to loss of peripheral vision? All of which can lead to accidents.  The campaign also included safety tips for the season that included:

  • Designate a driver
  • Stick with one drink (Don’t mix drinks)
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach
  • Remember to have water in between alcoholic drinks
  • Call a friend or use a Rideshare if you’ve had too much to drink

Over the years, we have engaged in various activities linked to the promotion of responsible consumption and continue this very important initiative which is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.