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Ian Forbes

Chief Operating Officer

Ian joined the Angostura family as Executive Manager - Operations at the distillery in June 2017. In April 2019, he was appointed to act as Chief Executive Officer until December 2019. He was subsequently promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) in January 2020. He was later re-appointed Chief Executive Officer (Ag.) in September 2020, a position he held until January 2023.


As COO, he manages the Company’s Operations, inclusive of Distillery and Bottling, Engineering, Quality Assurance and Supply Chain departments.


His career pathway of 33 years spans a robust portfolio in the alcohol beverages sector embracing manufacturing operations, process management, plant design, quality assurance, project and business management. He has held senior positions at the region’s leading brewery, moving through the ranks to the highly accredited and certified post of Master Brewer, which he attained at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling UK. Ian has a demonstrated track record which included spearheading the successful implementation of high-level plant facility upgrade projects, as well as equipment commissioning, process re-design and production optimization initiatives.


In 2017, he spearheaded plant upgrade works on Angostura’s Waste Water Treatment Plant which has further enhanced the Company’s operational capabilities to international standards.


Ian holds an MSC Food, Science &Technology from the University of the West Indies and BSC Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry. He earned the Best student Award 2007, having attained his MBA certification (with Distinction) at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. He is also a certified Master Brewer having earned this qualification from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and is also a member of the Master Brewer Association of the Americas.