Ann Marie O’Brien profile picture

Ann Marie O’Brien

Chief Operating Officer (Ag.)

Ann-Marie joined the Angostura team as Chief Operating Officer (Ag.) in December 2021.

She earned her B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of the West Indies and started her career in Angostura in 1991. Over the last thirty years, she has worked in several roles along the Production Process as Laboratory Technician, Production Supervision, Bottling Manager and Senior Manager Operations and Quality.

During the organisation’s product range development and production expansion, Ann-Marie has shown her adaptability to new environments within Angostura. Her “from the ground” approach ensured that the operations of Angostura® remained dynamic over the years as it sought to expand its market share into 170 markets and counting.

In her current role, she ensures that the organisation’s business plan is executed from the daily administrative and operational functions to the continuous manufacturing workflow from distillation to finished product. As Angostura moves forward, Ann-Marie leadership and meticulous attention to detail and excellence ensure that operational improvements and innovation are realised within the manufacturing process.