In the early 1900’s, Manuel Fernandes and his family made the destined journey to Trinidad from Madeira, Portugal. In the century that followed, the Fernandes family cemented their roots in this beautiful Caribbean island and made their name as a connoisseur of spirts worldwide.

Ferdi’s Premium Rum was launched in the 1930’s and distils the joys of that era’s successes into a drink best reserved for life’s most meaningful climaxes. Considered a premium Fernandes rum, Ferdi’s delicately woody aroma belies its contrasting fire and ice taste, providing a wholly enriching experience that honours its golden hue.

Made for T&T’s mature rum lovers, this limited edition run of Ferdi’s Premium Rum was expertly crafted to commemorate Trinidad & Tobago’s 60th independence; a liquid love letter to the palette reminiscent of T&T from the 1930’s, impeccably maintained in the esteemed Fernandes style.

This rum is our gift to T&T, the shining reincarnation of a classic rum to commemorate T&T’s diamond anniversary.


Pleasant creamy toffee notes with hints of raisins and fresh oak.

Taste Rounded opening of fresh oak and raisin notes, sharp citrus middle, ending with a light oak and tannin medium finish