Angostura® launched a responsible consumption campaign – #RevelResponsibly for Carnival 2023. The campaign features a blend of iconic Carnival characters with vital tips on safe alcohol consumption.

While we revel in the jubilation of this important cultural occasion it is critical that we do not overlook the importance of responsible behaviour during the party atmosphere. Angostura® is reminding limers, party patrons and spectators of the festivities about the dangers of drinking and driving and over consumption.

The aim of the #RevelResponsibly campaign is to spread awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence and the importance of adopting good drinking practices that can help us a achieve a safe Carnival season.

Listen to the Blue Devil – “Even firebreathers need water, so stay hydrated to keep the pace in your waist.”

Drink plenty water before you consume alcohol.

True talk from the Midnight Robber – “Drinking heavy after midnight? Be shrewd, eat food to keep your mind bright.”

Remember to fuel up with food before you start drinking.

Some good advice from a Moko Jumbie – “If you are as high as a Moko Jumbie in a vehicle, do not try to touch the sky.”

Stay out the driver’s seat. Do not drink and drive.

Mixing too many drinks could lead to you consuming greater amounts of alcohol at a faster rate and you may become intoxicated before you know it.

Do not end up in rough waters, try sticking to one type of drink for the night.

This Carnival, whether you fancy fashionable cocktails or prefer to sip on simple mixes, avoid drinking more than one standard drink per hour.

It is dangerous to drink too much, too fast.

Enjoy the ‘chipping’ and ‘sipping’ behind the truck but remember to designate, do not drink and drive.

Have a safe and enjoyable Carnival from the House of Angostura!

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