Angostura ® Tribute Chairman’s Choice

Angostura ® Tribute Chairman’s Choice

Angostura® Tribute Chairman’s Choice is the first selection of our Private Single Cask Collection, a range of limited editions which are dedicated to mature rums originating from specially selected casks. This Collection will focus on the artistry and craftsmanship used in our ageing process. It captures the ageing process of our award-winning rums while highlighting the journey of our Rums from cane field to the shelf.

Bottled at 44.7%, Angostura® Tribute has been created with the rum connoisseur in mind, those who desire to see rum at its finest. Each bottle will be numbered with the cask number and bottle number granting the consumer a novel experience of owning one single bottle of this distinctive single cask expression not to be replicated. Only 510 bottles will be available at Solera C3 and St. Clair and retailed at TTD$750.00 in December 2020.

What makes The House of Angostura® Rums Unique:

The only rum distillery in Trinidad today, Angostura’s® signature style stems from techniques that have stood the test of time:

  • Production with only the highest quality molasses
  • Fermentation using a bespoke yeast culture
  • Distillation in continuous stills

Angostura® Tribute Chairman’s Choice: Characteristics

  • One of our aged reserves, the 20YO rum was hand selected from a single cask for its sweet, smoky depth
  • Pure aged rum, refined by its duration in the cask
  • Limited-edition ultra-premium sipping rum