Angostura® Tamboo Spiced Rum was officially launched at FIBAR Valladolid which is an international cocktail exhibition in Spain in October 2023. This event attracted bartenders and professionals from the beverage industry. The trade show attracted thousands of visitors.

Angostura® had its own set up with the exclusive Swizzle Club that engaged attendees offering immersive experiences and tastings. This highlighted the versatility and quality of Angostura® Rums and Bitters. Angostura’s Global Brand Ambassador, Daniyel Jones, was present and hosted the Angostura® Masterclass, adding his authenticity and expertise whilst our culture was incorporated with vibrant and sweet melodies from Soca Band performances. This event created a special place in the heart of attendees who drank our Angostura® Tamboo Spiced Rum. The combination of education, entertainment, and tasting experiences created a lasting impression on attendees, making the launch of Angostura® Tamboo Spiced Rum at FIBAR a truly unforgettable event that resonated with everyone who attended.