The Angostura® Tamboo Spiced Rum was launched in Singapore in November 2023 at The Bar 15 Stamford which is located at The Kempnski Hotel. The launch was hosted by our Global Brand Ambassador, Daniyel Jones, and the target audience included bartenders and influencers.

Angostura® received great reviews from consumers. Several outlets have since listed Angostura® Tamboo Spiced Rum on their menus which is a strong indicator of its popularity and acceptance in Singapore.

The demand for the Angostura® Tamboo Spiced Rum continues to grow internationally in the beverage industry.

Following the launch, a trade masterclass was held at Sugar Hall, which is part of the Jigger and Pony Group in Singapore, a hospitality company that owns bars and restaurants.  It was hosted by Daniyel Jones and organised by Hock Tong Bee team. The trade masterclass exhibited Angostura’s collection of rums which allowed attendees a comprehensive understanding of the product range, and taste of rums. There were over fifty attendees including the top bar personnel in Singapore.