On May 10, Earnest Constantine, a young farmer from Paramin, Trinidad, found a bag containing money. He decided to return it to the owner, another farmer – Cornelius Campbell from the same community known to him.

While he could have used the money himself for any number of purposes, Earnest lived up to his name and returned the money to the person to whom it rightfully belonged. That bag of money was supposed to pay the wages for that farmer’s workers, as well as take care of his own family’s needs.

Earnest could not have known that this small act of honesty would propel him into the public spotlight, earning him praise and rewards. When Angostura® heard about Earnest’s good deed, the Company decided that he should be acknowledged and rewarded.

Earnest lives alone in a home with no electricity, and so the Company purchased a generator for him, and donated a chiller and two months’ worth of groceries, all to make his life a little more comfortable.

During a short ceremony at Angostura on May 27, Minister of National Security, The Honourable Fitzgerald Hinds, praised Earnest Constantine for his honesty. When Minister Hinds reached out to Angostura to host the presentation ceremony, the Company immediately responded yes, as it saw the importance of publicly acknowledging Mr. Constantine’s good deed.