Angostura® partnered with Pennacool to distribute SEA practice tests to seven primary schools within our fenceline community of Laventille/Morvant. The practice tests will aid the students in their preparation for the upcoming SEA examination. Schools that received the packages were St. Dominic’s RC, Hokett Baptist Primary, Success RC, Laventille Boys Government Primary, Lower Morvant Government Primary, Morvant New Government Primary and Rose Hill RC.

Rose Hill RC said, “We are indeed thankful for this opportunity as we always wanted to be part of the Pennacool group, and we heard so many great things. Thank you, Angostura, for your support.”

Success RC School said, “We wish to say a heartfelt thanks to Angostura and Pennacool.  Over the years their resources have proven to be quite useful. The Pennacool practice tests are an extremely good option for the SEA classes since their material is in tandem with the Ministry’s syllabus.”

This latest donation is part of Angostura’s investment in the education of the children from Laventille/Morvant.

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