Angostura® participated in the Sweden Rum Fest that was held in May in K-märkt Garnisonen, Stockholm. Sweden Rum Fest is an annual show that exhibits and celebrates the diversity and craftsmanships of rums around the world. It features various activations from rum manufacturers and distributors and includes tasting and masterclasses.

Angostura® exhibited its popular Angostura® Tamboo Spiced rum and Tribute Distiller’s Cut rum which generated significant excitement and interest among attendees. We highlighted the distinct flavours, aromas and complexities of our rums. Angostura’s Global Brand Ambassador, Daniyel Jones, shared insights which brought high engagement to the event, with the Angostura® Booth attracting a large crowd.

The Company has a longstanding partnership with Sweden’s local distributor Hermansson & Co for over fifteen years. As a result, this has allowed us to boost our brands visibility and availability throughout Sweden. Some of the products that we export to Sweden include our bitters range, Amaro di Angostura®, and our rum range such as Angostura® 1787, Angostura® 1824, Angostura® 1919, Angostura® 7-year-old rum, Angostura® 5-year-old rum and Angostura® Tamboo Spiced rum.

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