Port of Spain, June 2021 – The House of Angostura® and White Oak Rum is introducing a fifth sensational flavour to its current array of signature blends. The introduction of White Oak Pineapple Flavoured Rum with its blend of delicious robust taste and unique smoothness will now be available nationwide in 750 ml.

The new flavour, according to Ian Forbes, Acting CEO at Angostura® unearths a rich tropical flavour, “The bold and refreshing blend of signature smooth White Oak and the irresistible crisp and fruity taste of Pineapple is reminiscent of the Caribbean. This transcendental flavour can even be enjoyed in a variety of ways – in a chilled cocktail, paired with tropical refreshing chasers or simply on the rocks.”

The decision to add the new Pineapple flavour to the White Oak line which already boasts of Sorrel, Coconut, Watermelon and Pink Grapefruit meets the company’s thrust for diversification and as Mr. Forbes explains was a natural decision for the company, “We live in the Caribbean and thousands of tourists flock here every year to vacation and wind down. With the easing of restrictions on some islands, we wanted to give persons a little taste of island life. We expect this new flavour to be a huge success.”

The new White Oak Pineapple Flavoured Rum is made from real pineapple and is distilled in Trinidad. Hema Ramkissoon/Kavita Debideen, Marketing Manager noted that the rum is colourless and transparent because the natural flavour is a clarified extract of fresh pineapple, “We have used an iconic balance of bold, ripe pineapple and crisp white rum which exudes rich tropical notes, pleasing the palate in every way. We are excited about this new flavour as it can be used as a delicious base for tropical cocktails or as a standalone drink.”

The exceptionally smooth rum incorporates a rich bouquet of sweet, ripe pineapple notes and leaves a long lingering note.