In recognition of World Art Day celebrated on April 15, the House of Angostura hosted a special week of tours from April 11 – 14. Tours were conducted daily, and visitors were given an exclusive view of selected art pieces that are not part of the usual public art tour at the House of Angostura. The tour also included the famous Barcant Butterfly Collection.

To end the week of activities, the Company held its first Sip and Paint event on April 15 which was led by CSpot Sip n Paint studio. Some participants spent the morning and others the afternoon at the House of Angostura painting, enjoying wine and delicious appetizers.

Angostura® has an extensive art collection of over 200 original pieces which spans from the 1800s to today. Our collection includes pieces from acclaimed local and Caribbean artists, such as LeRoy Clarke, Boscoe Holder, Carlisle Chang, Derek Walcott, Jackie Hinkson, Pat Bishop and Karen Sylvester.

We would like to thank all the visitors who joined us for the special tours on the week of World Art Day and all who came out for our Sip and Paint event!