Port of Spain, Trinidad. November 18th, 2021Angostura® Solera Wines & Spirits has opened a retail and distribution centre in Marabella.  

It’s one which Chairman of Angostura Holdings Limited, Mr. Terrence Bharath describes as a ‘hybrid location’ and it’s also the first time that Angostura® is opening a retail and distribution centre in one location.

Speaking at the grand opening of Angostura® Solera Wines and Spirits on Wednesday evening, Mr. Bharath says, “We need to get commercial matters moving at a rapid pace once more to move us out of this pandemic. At Angostura® we continue to do our part to show the resilience of our brand, to share our confidence with our customers and to solidify our faith in recovery and our passion for excelling. This current location in Marabella provided for the birth of a new idea and a new concept to marry a distribution depot and a Wine and Spirits store. Marabella’s location near the Solomon Hochoy Highway and Southern Main Road, makes accessibility to all parts of Trinidad easy and this location is ideal for both aspects of our business.”

The retail arm of Angostura® Solera Wines and Spirits which is also located in St. Clair, Port of Spain was also based at C3 Centre, San Fernando but as the demand for Angostura’s products grew in South, the Company decided to open a retail and distribution centre in one store and move to Marabella.

Commenting on the location for Angostura® Solera Wines & Spirits, San Fernando Mayor, His Worship Alderman Junia Regrello said, “Angostura® has always been a tough act to follow and with a brand that is unbelievable. You look at the atmosphere and you look at the ambience, you certainly would raise the bar and improve the competitiveness in the city of San Fernando. When I was growing up Marabella was known as the community that never sleeps and they have been going through a lull period over the past couple of years, and certainly Angostura® will wake up Marabella once more.”

Impressed by the new retail and distribution centre, Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry said, “Once again Angostura® is on the cutting edge and I really wish to applaud you for continually seeking to build and expand this brand. This physical space is strategic not only in terms of its location, but its purpose combines a retail and wholesale distribution centre, and we couldn’t be more pleased about this because it’s about generating more interest and generating more commercial activity.”

Angostura® Solera Wines & Spirits sells over 350 products including all of Angostura’s locally manufactured rums, bitters and carbonated soft drinks and an imported portfolio of internationally recognized Vodka, Gin, Blended Scotch, Single Malt Scotch, Japanese Whiskies, Tequila, Liqueurs, Cream Liqueurs, Sake, Still Wines, Sparkling Wines, Proseccos and Champagne.