Port of Spain, Trinidad. August 24th, 2021: As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to wreak havoc on the lives of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, Angostura® has partnered with NGOs and schools to provide relief to families during this challenging period. 

The fallout from this deadly virus has left many families without food on their table. To assist these families, Angostura® has donated over $350,000 in food vouchers to families across the country through over 20 NGOs and schools. They include Loveuntil Foundation, Heroes Foundation, TTPS Victims and Witness Support Unit, Chinapoo Police Youth Club, Autistic Society, Servants of Society, SMILE Foundation, Single Mothers Association of T&T, Fanny Village Government Primary, North Oropouche Government Primary and Gasparillo Secondary schools. 

Angostura® partnered with Xtra Foods and Persad’s ‘D’ Food King supermarkets to provide $500 vouchers per family. The food vouchers prohibit recipients from purchasing tobacco and alcohol. The names of each recipient are written on the vouchers; all recipients are required to provide a form of I.D. when redeeming the vouchers at the supermarkets. 

Angostura® would like to thank Xtra Foods and Persad’s ‘D’ Food King for donating additional vouchers towards the Company’s latest Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. 

Angostura’s Chief Executive Officer (Ag.) Ian Forbes says, “Angostura® is pleased to partner with over 20 NGOs and schools to deliver our premier 2021 CSR initiative. Many families are currently in need due to the impact of the pandemic on their lives. We at Angostura felt it was imperative to deliver food vouchers valued at $500 each to these families. Trinidad and Tobago, we will continue to support you in the fight to overcome this pandemic, we are resilient together.”  

Chairman of Loveuntil Foundation, Brian Jones says, “Our organisation is so appreciative of these food vouchers which are desperately needed in the Laventille community and environs, where many persons lost their jobs and are single mother households. This initiative will go a long way in preventing kids from going to bed hungry for some time.” 

Chief Executive Officer of Heroes Foundation, Lawrence Arjoon says, “Angostura® has consistently helped and supported our response and relief efforts at the Heroes Foundation during this pandemic. We are again grateful for their commitment to families in need. Initiatives like these reflect how private sector and civil society organisations can collaborate to have a meaningful impact, especially during this challenging period.” 

Principal of Fanny Village Government Primary, Cheryl Rojas says, “Our school is in a small village in Point Fortin. What is amazing about the Angostura® experience is that we didn’t reach out to them, Angostura® reached out to us which is quite remarkable, and we would be eternally grateful.” 

Principal of Gasparillo Secondary School, Trudy Jagoo-Maraj said, “The Gasparillo Secondary School family has been touched by Angostura’s compassion and willingness to help their fellow citizens of Trinidad and Tobago during these unprecedented times. Angostura®, you have heard the call for help and answered it magnificently.”