Port of Spain, Trinidad. December 10th, 2021: Angostura® purchased and installed inclusive playground equipment for the children of the Princess Elizabeth Centre. This is the latest Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of the Company geared towards giving back to society. 

The specialized equipment for the playground was sourced from reputable and certified equipment manufacturers from the US and UK. GameTime, an American playground manufacturer is one of the suppliers. Their products are made from 93 percent recycled materials and are in turn 100 percent recyclable. An example of this aspect of the design are plastic components of the play equipment being made from recycled high density polyethylene milk jugs. This element of GameTime’s strategy is aligned with Angostura’s initiative to blend the Company’s Sustainability Goals into its CSR goals. 

There are six pieces of specialized equipment in the playground; all the American components of the equipment are certified by the American Disabilities Association and all equipment from the UK are certified under the EN-1176 safety standard.  

Angostura® also installed rubber playground tiles and pea gravel under certain components of the play equipment. 

Chairman of Angostura Holdings Limited, Mr. Terrence Bharath said, “The playground equipment can be used by children ages 5 to 12 and while it has been designed for children with special needs, it also takes their family into account. The pieces of equipment and surfacing allow for a wide spectrum of differently abled children, as well as their able-bodied siblings, family members, or caregivers to play together safely. The playground provides a holistic experience to the child in the world of play, breaking down barriers of accessibility, promoting engagement of the child and encouraging socialization during play, important elements in a child’s development.” 

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), children with disabilities and their families constantly experience barriers to the enjoyment of their basic human rights and to their inclusion in society. Their abilities are overlooked, their capacities are underestimated, and their needs are given low priority. Yet, the barriers they face are more frequently because of the environment in which they live than because of their impairment. 

The playground includes:  

  1. iSwing Wheelchair Accessible Swing  
  1. Wheelspin Wheelchair Accessible Merry-Go-Round  
  1. Accessible Arm and Peddle Bike 
  1. Xscape swing frame including Expression Swing with Adaptive Seat, Safety Belt and Super Seat 
  1. RoxAll See Saw with safety belts  
  1. Rumble and Roll Zip Slide