Angostura® celebrated International Museum Day which was commemorated on May 18 by collaborating with several other museums in a Museum Hop around the city of Port of Spain.

From ancient artifacts to contemporary masterpieces, hundreds of visitors embarked on a journey through time, art, and history, each museum offering unique stories and experiences. This collaborative event highlighted the power of museums to educate, inspire, and bring us together.

Participating museums included the Central Bank Museum, Carnival Museum, National Museum & Art Gallery and Angelo Bissessarsingh Heritage House.

Angostura’s Museum, which was opened 25 years ago, attracts thousands of visitors each year from around the world. The exhibits at the Angostura® Museum showcase the Company’s rich history dating back to 1824 when ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters was invented.

Tours to the Angostura® Museum are offered daily from Monday to Friday, by appointment only. To find out more about our tours or to make a booking contact us at

Let us continue to explore, learn, and celebrate the wonders of our world through the treasures in our museums.

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