Trinidad & Tobago, January 31st, 2020: The top bartenders of the world have spoken and for the third-year running have named ANGOSTURA® bitters the dual honour of the Best-Selling Bitters and Top Trending Bitters.

Drinks International’s Brand Report 2020 polled bartenders from over 120 bars, including representatives from The World’s 50 Best Bars, and winners from the CLASS Bar Awards, Tales of the Cocktail competitions and Australian Bar Awards.

The pool of respondents is narrow by design as Drink International is looking for insights from only the world’s very best bars for its landmark survey, The Brand Report. The line-up of respondents includes representatives from the top 1% of bars around the world and is a comprehensive measure of the leading minds in the bar world today and their ever-discerning global audience of cocktail lovers.

The bitters category was added to the Drinks International Brands Report back in 2018 in recognition of the contribution bitters has made to the creation of some of the most classic cocktails. Bitters is a key ingredient in the Old Fashioned, again voted the World’s Best-Selling Classic Cocktail in the Drinks International Brand Report 2020, and the Manhattan, which also makes the top 10. Angostura has two classic bitters, ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters and ANGOSTURA® orange bitters.

Commenting on Angostura® Bitters’ third consecutive win in the Brand Report, Hamish Smith, Bars editor of Drinks International, said: “Angostura continues to dominate the bitters category – it was found to be the no.1 brand in 80% of the Brands Report’s polled bars and in regular use in more than 90%. As long as classic cocktails of the likes of the Old Fashioned and Manhattan exist, the bitters they call for – Angostura® – will be an immovable fixture on the back bar.”

Responding to the news of ANGOSTURA® bitters historic win, Rahim Mohammed Executive Manager – Corporate Services & Marketing for Angostura® Ltd, said: “While we’ve been making our bitters the same way since 1824, true to Dr Johann Siegert’s original recipe, we never rest on our laurels. In 2007, we launched our first new bitters in 183 years, ANGOSTURA® orange bitters which is already considered a classic.

“Today’s bitters market is more competitive than ever before and so to be voted World’s Best Bitters and Top Trending Bitters every year since records began for the bitters category in the prestigious Drinks International Brands Report is an incredible achievement for the whole company. This win will be celebrated by not only the entire House of Angostura® family but by many here in Trinidad & Tobago, who love how Angostura® has put their home on the global map.

“We’ve been a part of the cocktail scene since the very beginning and continue to engage and invest in supporting the very best talent in the industry regardless where they work, through our intensive education programme and Angostura®  Global Cocktail Challenge which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2020 during the greatest show on earth – Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.”

Angostura® Rum was also rated a top 10 selling rum in the Drinks International Brand Report 2020 climbing to no 7, up one spot from no 8 in the 2019 edition of the report.

ANGOSTURA® bitters is made with the original closely guarded secret recipe first developed in 1824 by company founder, Dr. Johann Siegert. The brand is manufactured exclusively in Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean, and holds the Royal Warrant of Appointment to the Queen of England, first granted to it in 1955.