Port of Spain, 30th November, 2018. Angostura® has always recognized the importance of good education and has been committed to supporting educational needs. It is with this in mind, that the Company pledged $200,000 toward assisting nine schools in the areas most affected by the unexpected recent floods on the weekend of October 19th.    

The Company reached out to the following schools and is in the process of doing a needs assessment with the principals of these primary schools. Some of the items needed were PA systems, textbooks, stationery and uniforms for students, repair or replacement of copiers and computers and replacement of chairs and other furniture.  

  • Warrenville Presbyterian Primary
  • Caroni Presbyterian Primary          
  • St. Helena Presbyterian   
  • North Oropouche RC 
  • Cunapo (St. Francis) RC
  • Warrenville T.I.A
  • St. Helena SDMS
  • North Oropouche Government
  • San Raphael RC

The Company, like the rest of the country sincerely hopes that there will be no recurrence of the destruction which accompanied the significant rainfall in October 2018 and which in no small way impacted so many lives, including students of the various schools in the affected areas. The donation by the company is our tangible way of expressing support for the principals and management of the schools to continue the good work that they are doing in the development of the nation’s youth.  

Terrence Bharath, Chairman of Angostura, expressed his heartfelt empathy to all citizens who have suffered because of this disaster. Mr. Bharath said, “We can only do but a small part in helping those in need of assistance, but we trust that what we are able to do, will go a long way in assisting in restoring these schools to full functionality and enhancing our education system, so as to continue the development of the young minds who will lead the future of our country.”