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St. Barbs Library Enhancements

Port of Spain, December 19th, 2017.  Continuing its commitment to the development of young people in the Laventille community and environs through education, Angostura Limited has embarked on another project designed to improve vocabulary and literacy skills in several primary schools in the area. The first school to receive assistance under the Library Enhancement Project was St. Barb’s Primary school on Upper Laventille Road, Port of Spain.  Collaborating with Educate Inspire Encourage (EIE), a local company that specializes in providing library services, work began in April at the school to refurbish the existing library space, making it more attractive to young readers.  The walls and shelves were painted in bright colours, attractive posters and decals affixed and the space laid out in a more ‘user-friendly’ design. Outdated books and resource materials were archived, and current texts were digitally catalogued, using software specifically designed for library management.  Training of teachers and students on how to use the software will commence in the new school term, with ongoing support to be provided by EIE. According to the school’s Principal, Ms. Ann Peters, “we recognize the dire need for a fully functioning library, that will serve the needs of the student population, thus enhancing their vocabulary and literacy skills, which will in no doubt auger a positive change in the pupils’ performance and thus allow them to reach their full potential.”