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Raymond Edwards appointed tales Global Attache

Trinidadian mixologist Raymond Edwards, from the House of Angostura, was appointed – a Tales Global Attaché. He is one of 100 people in the industry given this honour, as part of the recently launched Tales of the Cocktail® Global Attaché Program by the marketing manager, Jeremy JF Thompson. The Tales Global Attaché Program, is an initiative designed to promote diversity and expose the Tales audience to some of the overlooked cocktail communities from around the globe. Raymond will be an official, whose function is to promote cultural relations between Tales of the Cocktail® and smaller cocktail communities throughout his country and the wider Caribbean. The program recruits carefully selected industry professionals who possess a strong influence in their community, and who are in good standing with their peers. As an Attaché, he will be asked to provide Tales of the Cocktail® with ongoing insight into the local cocktail community. This may take the form of local cocktail recipes, local bartender spotlights, local spirits, or anything else relevant to Trinidad and Tobago or the Caribbean. Tales of the Cocktail® will broadcast these regional stories and highlights to international audiences, showcasing and drawing recognition to each community’s talents. In addition, Attachés are strongly encouraged to further their community’s recognition by nominating talented local professionals and bars to be considered for a Spirited Award®. Aside from increased global publicity, Attachés will have access to the Attaché Facebook Group, receive a year-long membership to Tales 365, and be given a Tales Attaché Challenge Coin created by US Medallions, manufacturers of the coveted Fernet Branca coins. These coins will only be issued to the 100 Attachés. The coins serve as a token of the organisation’s appreciation for the role these Attachés will play, and as a call to action in the form of the words inscribed on each coin: “Raising the Bar the World Over.”