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Genevieve Jodhan named Angostura’s Chief Executive Officer

Angostura Holdings Limited announced today that Genevieve Jodhan has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Mrs. Jodhan has been acting in the position since September 2016. Previously, Mrs. Jodhan led the company’s international sales and marketing division as its Executive Manager.

In her new role, Mrs. Jodhan will lead Angostura’s executive management team, and support the Board of Directors on the Company’s strategic business and growth strategies as well as other key decisions.

“Genevieve has the experience and track record of delivering results and has proven leadership. She spearheaded our international sales growth increasing market share and sales of our signature rums and bitters in Europe, Asia and Australia and has directed the development of the brands in many emerging markets including Russia, Czech Republic, and Armenia.” said Dr. Rolph Balgobin, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Balgobin added that the Board is confident that the new CEO would lead and execute Angostura’s vision to expand globally.

“I am both humbled and honoured to be appointed Chief Executive Officer. I have been with the Company for close to a decade and my commitment has always been to Angostura’s people, products and values. I am keen to build on the long outstanding achievement of our manufacturing business, through the execution of forward looking business strategies that add to the customer experience, and build on our shareholders’ value.”

Mrs. Jodhan assumed her new role on Tuesday 14th February. She has 3 children and is the first woman to head one of Trinidad and Tobago’s largest manufacturing companies, outside of the energy sector