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Collective Agreement

Angostura Ltd. is pleased to announce that a Collective Agreement has been reached with the employees’ representative union the Seamen & Waterfront Workers’ Trade Union (SWWTU) for the period 2017 – 2019. The official signing of the collective agreement between Angostura Limited and SWWTU, took place earlier today in the Oak Room at the House of Angostura, Laventille. The agreement was signed by Mr. Michael Annisette, President of the SWWTU, Genevieve Jodhan, CEO, Angostura Limited and Rahim Mohammed, Executive Manager – Corporate Services, Angostura Limited. Negotiations were led by Mr. Annisette for the SWWTU and by Mr. Mohammed for Angostura and were completed last week in record-breaking time. Both parties expressed their satisfaction that the terms and conditions agreed upon were in the best interests of both the company and its valued employees. At a general staff meeting held at the company last week, Michael Annisette was invited, to address the staff alongside the management team. He was presented with a recognition plaque for his on-going collaboration with the company for the past 15 years. CEO of the company Genevieve Jodhan, thanked everyone for their support and dedication to Angostura. She thanked the employees for their commitment and perseverance through these challenging economic times “ it is imperative that we remain focused on the company’s vision and mission, remember that, we craft unique beverage brands, enrich lives and create moments that bring joy and laughter. The value we create uplifts the lives of our people and brings the spirit of Trinidad and Tobago to the world.”