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Angostura provides Defense Training for Female Employees


Angostura Provides Personal Safety Workshops for Female Employees

Thursday, June 14, 2018, Port of Spain: Angostura has partnered with MH Tactical Response Group to offer “I Will Not Be A Victim” courses for female employees of the company. This series of defensive workshops teaches female employees how to survive a potential violent confrontation.

The MH Tactical Response team utilizes modern tactical training techniques and survival methodology to equip participants with skills and techniques to survive or prevent a violent confrontation. By simulating potential real-life encounters, attendees gain an understanding of how to respond in a crisis situation and develop a survival plan.

The workshop is designed to heighten participants’ awareness of criminal activity in Trinidad & Tobago. Trainees learn critical areas to protect and to attack during a violent confrontation for maximum effect with minimal force, how to respond to an attempted sexual assault, how to improvise a weapon for self-defense, and how to use breath to counter panic and function under extreme stress. Participants also learn how to respond to an active killer situation, such as lockdown procedures and steps to follow during and after a robbery. Finally, attendees are taught about human trafficking, cyber stalking and blackmailing in Trinidad & Tobago and how to counter these crimes.

This program is innkeeping with Angostura CEO, Genevieve Jodhan’s aim to champion Goal 5 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: Achieve gender equality and empower women and girls.

Jodhan said, “The fears and insecurities of our women in their daily lives led us to explore providing necessary and relevant training to equip our females with tools to survive in our society”. She added, “We can all benefit from the tools and techniques shared at these sessions. I am pleased to announce that this program will be extended to cover all women over the year. Protecting our staff from becoming a victim of crime is priority for us”.

In addition to improved personal safety, benefits of the workshops include empowering female employees and increasing confidence and focus while working under stress. Employees may experience a greater sense of awareness and peace of mind for themselves and their families once equipped with the knowledge that the course provides.

So far, between December 2017 and May 2018, 69 female employees have taken part in the training at the House of Angostura. All participants agreed that the training was relevant to them and that they would recommend it to others. Participants commented that the workshops exceeded their expectations, as well as noting the effectiveness of the practical session. Workshops are to be conducted quarterly.


Contact: Giselle Laronde-West

Senior Manager – Hospitality and Communications