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Angostura holds forum in Milan

The House of Angostura hosted its 4th Global Distributors Forum in Milan, Italy from July 9th – 11th 2017. Distributors came from all parts of the world, to share information, best practices and strategies prevalent to their regions. 62 customer representatives from 36 countries gathered at the Rosa Grand, in the heart of Milan for this significant Forum. Attendees were from countries like the United States, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belarus, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, India, China, New Zealand, Greece, Malaysia, Finland, Spain and Czech Republic, to name a few. Each bringing their expertise to add to the ideas and best practices being shared. The company’s local distributor in Milan assisted Angostura’s international marketing team responsible for these countries, Jillian Kalloo-Escayg (team lead), Lawn Davis and Vitra Deonarine, in the planning of this forum. Twelve interesting topics were covered; On Rum Trade Marketing segmentation by the developing market in Greece, Strategy in launching Angostura portfolio in an emerging market done by the distributor in the Ukraine, Mizkan, on the bitters strategy in the US, while the agency, GOOD Creative from the UK, spoke about the company’s brand ambition and gave an update on the rum portfolio bottle and label designs. The Rum Institute was presented by known mixologist and writer, Philip Duff and he also spoke about the changes that were made for the upcoming 2018 Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge (AGCC) along with AGCC team lead, Vitra Deonarine. In addressing the participants at the start of the Forum, CEO, Genevieve Jodhan said – “Your presence demonstrates Angostura’s global footprint and the hard work we have undertaken in the past 193 years to build our brands and drive distribution globally.” She continued, “on behalf of the Angostura team, and on my own behalf, thank you for your continued passion for Angostura. For us, it is a source of great joy to see so many committed persons from every corner of the world.” There was much to be gained by the participants from the sessions held over the two days in Milan and it was agreed by many who attended, that it was a great opportunity for them to meet each other face to face and share so much. They felt that they were returning to their countries, with better understanding of how global the Angostura brands really are and how much potential there is for growth.