Port of Spain, Trinidad. December 13th, 2020: On December 12th, 2020 Angostura® held its 2nd Champions Award which showcased benevolent citizens for their noble causes. The Angostura Champions Award is the Company’s way of recognizing and admiring those in society who give of themselves selflessly to assist others. It is a biennial programme which was first hosted in 2018, in which Angostura® received nominations from across Trinidad and Tobago, and this year was no different. Chairman of Angostura Holdings Limited, Mr. Terrence Bharath says, “We at Angostura® consider ourselves to be Champions. We strive for excellence in all that we do just as the five finalists of the Champions Award. During a global pandemic, the aim of the Angostura Champions Award 2020 was to triumph over darkness.” Angostura® received hundreds of nominations and after a difficult selection process, a panel of esteemed judges selected five finalists. The judges included Mr Sieunarine Coosal, Mrs. Zalayhar Hassanali, Ms. Jacqueline Quamina and Mr. Jehue Gordon. The winner of the Champions Award was selected by the judges and through online voting. Angostura® would like to salute the 5 finalists of the Angostura Champions Award 2020 and to congratulate the winner, Ms. Elizabeth Aleong. Ms. Aleong learned to not just cope with her two differently abled children, but she works at providing therapy and support services for children with disabilities regardless of a family’s income. After surviving a bilateral stroke in 2018 and learning how to walk and talk again; it gave her more encouragement and drive to assist children with disabilities. It was because of this she received the Angostura Champions Award 2020. She received a trophy and $50,000.00. The other finalists all received trophies and $10,000.00 each and included domestic violence advocate, Ms. Valdeen Tamara-Shears. She emerged from an abusive relationship and transitioned from victim to survivor to advocate. She is lobbying for legislative changes regarding domestic violence and advocating for the implementation and enforcement of Electronic Tracking Bracelets, corresponding Victim App Alert and Mandatory Rehabilitation Counselling for abusers. Another finalist, Mr. Shivam Teelucksingh, is an entrepreneur and freelance computer technician who was forced to close his pharmacy due to the strains from COVID-19. Unemployed, he then sold his vehicle and used the proceeds from the sale and his IT skills to provide free computer repairs for parents and assisted them in navigating online education platforms for their children. Ms. Anushka Teelucksingh, harnessed the life-giving force of blood donations. After having to source blood for her father in 2009 and realizing how difficult it was, she started to coordinate blood drives to assist others. Mr. Kenneth Listhrop has funnelled his musical energies into the next generation through the Trinidad and Tobago Youth Philharmonic of which he is the music director. He formed the group to teach children music. In acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the finalists, Mr. Bharath said, “It takes a special person to give of themselves unselfishly for no reward. It takes a special person to understand that there is a reward from being kind to others. There is at the end of the day a feeling of joy and fulfilment from assisting others.” Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon said, “I congratulate the Angostura® team on this initiative aimed at showcasing and recognizing the extraordinary contributions made by distinguished citizens who have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of others.”


Port of Spain, Trinidad. November 5, 2020: Over the past couple of months, students in Trinidad and Tobago have had to adapt to a new way of learning which has been through online classes, due to COVID-19. This new teaching method has placed many students at a disadvantage who do not have access to devices to connect to their teachers and classmates. The Board of Directors and Executives of Angostura® decided that the Company should step in to assist students in need during this critical time. Angostura® is donating 55 Lenovo IdeaPad Slim laptops to 18 Secondary schools across the country. The schools will then distribute the laptops to students in Forms 4 and 5 who do not have access to a device needed for remote learning while schools remain closed due to the pandemic. The schools include:
  • Success Laventille Secondary
  • Barataria South Secondary
  • Malick Secondary
  • Barataria North Secondary
  • Morvant/Laventille Secondary
  • Blanchisseusse Secondary
  • South East POS Secondary
  • San Juan South Secondary
  • Bishop Anstey High School, POS
  • SWAHA Hindu College
  • Joseph’s Convent, POS
  • Vessigny Secondary
  • Gasparillo Secondary
  • Palo Seco Secondary
  • Chaguanas South Secondary
  • ASJA Boys’ College, San Fernando
  • North Eastern College
  • La Romaine Secondary
Chief Executive Officer (Ag.) of Angostura®, Mr. Ian Forbes says, “The students are the future builders of the nation and the donation of laptops comes at a crucial time. Angostura® will do all that it can to ensure that students are not left behind. We understand that this might be a stressful time for many as there are students who don’t have access to devices needed for online learning and they face an even steeper challenge than their peers. The devices being donated by Angostura® are Lenovo laptops that come with 1-year valet warranty from Memory Bank Computers Ltd. This valet warranty covers parts, labour and battery. Students will also receive a laptop bag, donated by Memory Bank Computers Limited.” The Honourable Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Education, says, “I want to thank Angostura because this is not your first venture in helping the schools. I want to recognize your significant donation to our cleaning and sanitization exercise ahead of CSEC and CAPE. Thank you for being good corporate citizens. The communities of Morvant/Laventille continue to benefit from the generous support of this Company. On behalf of the schools that are recipients, we really want to thank you for being there consistently. This is not a one time; they are consistent in their support and that is what we mean by being a good corporate citizen.” Principal (Ag.) of Success Laventille Secondary, Stacey Lezama says, “Angostura® has been more to us at SLSS than a Company operating out of the Laventille community; they have been a friend, a neighbour, a support and always there.” Vice-Principal of Bishop Anstey High School, Ms. Winzy Adams says, “Students at Bishop Anstey High School have been adapting to online learning very well. Students who work primarily with cell phones as their only device, as well as those completely without devices, are at a serious disadvantage to accessing their online classes. The donation of the laptops from Angostura® is very much appreciated as it would now allow our students to obtain unlimited access to their classes.” Angostura® understands the importance of helping students during these unprecedented times, since not every student has access to online learning. This donation from Angostura® is one of its latest initiatives to assist students. The Company also donated book vouchers and stationery packages to SEA students from the Morvant/Laventille communities, and to NGOs to distribute to Primary and Secondary school students. Hand sanitizers were also donated to every Government and Government assisted school in June in time for students writing exams in July/August. As we  fight COVID-19, and the impact on our beloved country, let us work together to assist those less fortunate and the future generation.


Port of Spain, Trinidad. October 30th, 2020: As part of Angostura’s continuing efforts to provide assistance to its fenceline community of Morvant/Laventille, 17 SEA students from  primary schools in the area were presented with book vouchers and stationery supplies that will assist them in getting ready for their new secondary schools. Principals of the primary schools indicated that despite the challenges their students faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of them passed for schools of their choice, including St. George’s College, St. Francois Girls’ College, Providence Girls’ Catholic School and Trinity College. Angostura’s CEO (Ag.) Mr. Ian Forbes says, “Angostura® understands the significance of education for our future leaders and as a Company, we will continue to do what we can to assist the students within our fenceline community especially during these challenging times.” The Principals expressed their gratitude to Angostura® for the support of the schools and the students from the community. Principal of the Excel Beetham Estate Government Primary School, Ms. Ann Antoine said, “Despite the economic challenges affecting all businesses, Angostura® is still contributing financially to students’ transition into secondary schools. You were the first Company to step up and support our children’s transition back into the classroom in July with the donation of sinks, signs, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. This assisted us in giving our children an opportunity to review their work safely, so that they could have a better chance to perform favourably in this year’s SEA exam.” Principal of Chinapoo Government Primary School, Mrs. Mavis Springer said, “I can’t say enough how grateful we are for Angostura’s assistance and support in the holistic development of all our students.” The proud parents who accompanied their children to receive the book vouchers and stationery supplies also thanked Angostura® for the assistance. They said it was greatly appreciated, especially considering the constraints many of them are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Book vouchers were also donated to the Laventille Community Children’s Project, C.A.P. Foundation, Chinapoo Police Youth Club and Soroptimist International, Anaparima Branch to assist with their efforts to get other children ready for this new phase in their education.


Port of Spain, Trinidad. October 21st, 2020: Angostura® has introduced new labels with advisories on its latest products. The upgraded labels on White Oak Watermelon Flavoured Rum inform consumers about the number of calories per drink and warning signs such as underage consumption, driving under the influence, and drinking during pregnancy. This latest initiative puts Angostura® ahead of many of its international counterparts with the introduction of the new labels which will now increase the information on our rum products to consumers. The White Oak Watermelon Flavoured Rum was launched in August and it’s the latest addition to Angostura’s rum portfolio. The labels on White Oak Sorrel and Coconut Flavoured Rums also have warning signs and a responsibility statement. The advisory labels will be introduced to all new products and will be rolled out to existing products within the next year. Angostura’s CEO (Ag.) Ian Forbes says, “This is really a natural progression for us, because consumers need to better understand what they are purchasing and drinking. It has coincided well with the launch of several new and exciting products from us, such as our White Oak Watermelon Flavoured Rum. Despite a difficult year for the industry with the pandemic affecting sales, we will continue to work towards ensuring these new labels are on all of our brands.” Mr. Forbes says while this is an expensive process, Angostura sees this latest improvement on the labels of its rum products as the company’s duty. He added that Angostura has always led by example and he hopes other companies will also follow suit. The West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers Association (WIRSPA) says the agreement with producers to improve their labels was made in mid-2019, with a commitment to implement within a 24-month period, to allow time to adjust packaging and to design and phase in new labels. CEO of WIRSPA, Vaughn Renwick says, “This is a ground-breaking commitment by rum brands, like Angostura, as it takes time to design new labels and to phase out old stock and sometimes even bottles have to be changed. It’s an expensive process. We are pleased to see that Angostura has been able to implement the changes on some brands already, especially bearing in mind the tremendous financial and logistical challenges posed by the COVID pandemic.” Angostura remains committed to ensuring that our customers are kept informed about all our products.


Port of Spain, Trinidad. September 25th, 2020: Seven companies have decided to come on board and join with Angostura® and the Coosal’s Group of Companies to help the Boodram family from Wilson Road, Penal. After the companies learnt of the situation and the support given by Angostura® and Coosal’s, they discussed with Angostura how they can also lend assistance to this worthy cause. The companies are: Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd, Persad’s D Food King Group, Nigel R. Khan Bookselling Group, TSTT, Memory Bank Computers Limited, Kaleidoscope Paints Limited and Blue Waters Products Limited. Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd will be donating a living room set, dining room set, refrigerator, gas cooker, twin tub washer and mattresses. Persad’s D Food King Group will be assisting the siblings with groceries for one year. The Nigel R. Khan Bookselling Group will be giving the 12-year old a gift card to purchase school supplies and books for the next several years until he completes Form 5. TSTT is pledging internet service for a one-year period. Memory Bank Computers Limited is gifting three Lenovo tablets to assist with online learning. Kaleidoscope Paints Limited is providing the paints for the siblings’ house and Blue Waters Products Limited will be supplying cases of water every month for one year. The Coosal’s Group of Companies is contributing the building materials for the family, including roofing supplies, and Angostura® is purchasing all the electrical items required. On September 12th, 2020 Angostura® and the Coosal’s Group of Companies announced that they will be partnering to help the Boodram family after coming across their story that was published in the Guardian newspaper and aired on CNC3. The three siblings aged 12, 18 and 21 were evicted by close relatives following the death of their parents and have been constructing their own house with the help from Samaritans. In fact, on September 15th, 2020 officials from Angostura® and the Coosal’s Group of Companies visited the family and saw the 12-year-old boy and his 18-year-old sister, Meera Boodram, actively involved in the construction of their home. Angostura’s Executive Manager-Corporate Services, Mr. Rahim Mohammed says, “It’s not every day that you see a 12-year-old mixing sand and cement and putting up blocks for his home and taking such ownership to secure a better future for his family and him. It is heart-breaking to see that he must go through this when children his age should be involved in online classes right now. As a matter of fact, what we saw in Wilson Road, Penal with a brother and sister team building their home, is a sign of resilience. As a corporate entity we can make a difference in their lives and that is what the Angostura® and Coosal’s teams are doing. With the support from the seven other companies, together we will change the lives of these siblings.” Executive Chairman of the Coosal’s Group of Companies, Mr. Sieunarine Coosal says, “The story of the young Boodram family sadly is not unique, as thousands of families are faced with severe socio-economic circumstances, not only impacted as recent as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but a myriad of other humbling situations presented to us on a daily basis. When their story was highlighted, Angostura® and Coosal’s collaborated in order to bring the desired relief for their immediate needs. We are delighted by bringing awareness to this because it brought an immediate response by corporate Trinidad and Tobago to mobilize support for the provision of items, not only for proper shelter, but will ensure their long-term advancement. The exemplary character of these children is a template for others to follow. It shows with perseverance and the desire to succeed you can achieve a positive outcome.” Managing Director of Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd, Mr. Clive Fletcher says, “Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd is proud to lend our support to this initiative. We believe that with strength, resilience and compassion we can rebuild and restart the lives of others who may be faced with unprecedented challenges. We are thankful for the opportunity to contribute and support our future generation.” General Manager-Enterprise Services of TSTT, Mr. Ian Galt says, “TSTT has always been committed to investing in the education of our nation’s young people. We understand the grave impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had, especially to families already facing constraints. The company has been working assiduously to support the Ministry of Education’s campaign, “No child is left behind”. On hearing the plight of the Boodram family, TSTT was happy to partner with Angostura®, one of our very valued customers, to do our part. We believe that it is critical to equip these children with the necessary tools needed to enable them to access remote learning.” Managing Director of Memory Bank Computers Limited, Mr. Akiel Ghany says, “Enhancing the delivery of education through information technology has long been a passion of Memory Bank Computers and our team. We are happy to donate three Lenovo tablets to the Boodram siblings to assist them in e-learning and in exploring the limitless possibilities that technology can bring to our society and the world.” Director of Persad’s D Food King Group, Mr. Vernon Persad says, “We feel blessed and honoured to be included in partnering with other national stakeholders in ensuring that this family’s nutritional needs and quality of life are secured and tangibly improved. We pledge our commitment to supporting the Boodram siblings monthly over the next year with their food sustenance. We are treating and caring for you like family.” Managing Director of Nigel R. Khan Bookselling Group, Mr. Nigel R. Khan says, “Education has the power to transform any situation. We will provide our global gift card for purchase of books and supplies this year and each year until the 12-year-old completes Form 5. There is no gift like the gift of education. The Nigel R. Khan Bookseller Group is proud to partner with legacy companies such as Angostura® and Coosal’s in bringing the beauty of education, inspiration and transformation to our beautiful Trinidad and Tobago.” CEO of Kaleidoscope Paints Limited, Mr. Dale Parson says, “Kaleidoscope has joined Angostura® and Coosal’s in a corporate effort to help the siblings. We saw this initiative as our corporate social responsibility and pledge to support these kids in need with nowhere to live. Kaleidoscope Paints Limited will supply the paints to the Boodram family for their house.” Executive Chairman of Blue Waters Products Limited, Mr. Dominic Hadeed says, “We are always committed to supporting those in need; we are proud to partner with Angostura® to assist the Boodram family.” Angostura® and the Coosal’s Group of Companies would like to thank Unicomer (Trinidad) Ltd, Persad’s D’ Food King Group, Nigel R. Khan Bookselling Group, TSTT, Memory Bank Computers Limited, Kaleidoscope Paints Limited and Blue Waters Products Limited for stepping in to bring joy to the Boodram family and improving their lives. Together, we can make a difference in our beloved country. Together, we are resilient!


Port of Spain, Trinidad. August 21st, 2020: Angostura® is once again leading industry development by adding yet  another innovative product to its portfolio-White Oak Watermelon Flavoured Rum. The limited edition, natural flavoured rum has no artificial flavourings or additives. It’s made from natural watermelon and it’s exceptionally smooth; the first sip gives you a crisp and fresh taste of watermelon. It’s the third innovation of White Oak Flavoured Rum to be launched in less than a year. In November 2019, Angostura® introduced White Oak Sorrel Flavoured Rum that became a phenomenal success. In February 2020, White Oak Coconut Flavoured Rum entered the market, and took Carnival celebrations to another level. Chairman of Angostura, Terrence Bharath says, “The White Oak Watermelon Flavoured Rum was crafted with our consumers in mind because Angostura® understands the importance of building on its anchor products. The global demand is expanding in the flavoured rums segment and it is a natural progression to introduce variants of our star product. Once the seal is broken on a bottle you are captivated by its aroma which fills the room. The taste is unique, the smoothness and refinement of the product is unmatched. We are proud once again to be a leader in the drinks industry.” In light of the challenges facing the global economy brought on by the pandemic, the economic viability of companies in the food and beverage industry, hinges on creativity, innovation and  the ability to be flexible. Angostura®, like many other companies around the world, has turned to this route and continues to innovate to meet changing demands and protocols. When Angostura® first announced that it was introducing White Oak Watermelon Flavoured Rum, we launched 150 limited edition packages and we were pleased to see that these were sold out in less than 24 hours. The requests have been overwhelming both locally and regionally and customers eagerly await the release of this new and exciting flavour. White Oak is one of Angostura’s flagship rum brands that continues to be a leader in the market not just in Trinidad and Tobago but in the Caribbean. White Oak Watermelon Flavoured Rum is great when served with soda water, pineapple juice, citrus juices or simply on ice. It is available at leading supermarkets, retail outlets, selected pharmacies, quick shoppes, Angostura’s Solera retail outlets with locations in St Clair, Port-of-Spain and C3 Centre, San Fernando and online at


Port of Spain, Trinidad. August 19th, 2020: After witnessing the many trials faced by our people in recent times, Angostura®, the Caribbean’s leading rum producer with a superb collection of rum brands and the world’s market leader for bitters has produced an anthem of unity, harmony and strength called “Resilient ”. Rahim Mohammed, Executive Manager- Corporate Services said that Angostura wanted to remind people of their own strength and reinforce a message of unity and love that will keep us all thriving. Mr. Mohammed said, “This song is about celebrating the resilience of our people, especially when faced with many social barriers. We expect this song to resonate with our Caribbean brothers and sisters as we continue to confront our challenges through a united force and promote togetherness and love towards each other!” The song portrays our Caribbean uniqueness and has a great overarching message of perseverance. It not only contains an inspirational message but celebrates the strength of our people. Angostura is pleased to be part of society and the community fabric to provide an opportunity to our regional entertainment artistes to perform together and promote unity despite the various challenges faced. We unite as one people, with one goal to love one another and to come out of this pandemic stronger as a cohesive Trinidad and Tobago for we are resilient, passionate and fun loving in all respects. The song features vocals by Wayne Marshall (Jamaica); King Bubba (Barbados); Geniene Brown (St. Vincent and the Grenadines); Teddyson John (St. Lucia); Nailah Blackman (Trinidad and Tobago); Ravi B (Trinidad and Tobago); Terri Lyons (Trinidad and Tobago) and Rheon Elbourne (Trinidad and Tobago). It was produced by Kubiyashi Productions (St. Vincent and the Grenadines and written by Tuere Kareem (Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Limited, Trinidad and Tobago). Music was provided by Julian Magik, bass from Machel Montano’s band (Barbados/Toronto); violin of Darron Andrews Music (Jamaica/St. Vincent) and Penn Joseph, drums of Maxi Priest band (St. Lucia/Jamaica).