Notice of Record Date

Notice to Shareholders The Directors have fixed Tuesday July 21, 2020, as the record date for the determination of Shareholders who are entitled to receive notice of the next Annual Meeting of Shareholders.  Accordingly, only Shareholders on record at the close of business day are entitled to receive notice of the Annual Meeting. By order of the Board Kathryna Baptiste Assee Corporate Secretary


Port of Spain, Trinidad. June 26th, 2020: Schools have started to prepare to re-open their doors in the coming weeks, for students to write the CAPE, CSEC and SEA exams. While the country returns to a level of normalcy, Angostura believes that it is essential to protect the students who are the future of our nation. In order to do so, the Company is providing twelve 375ml bottles of hand sanitizer to every Government and Government Assisted school in Trinidad and Tobago. Over 7,000 bottles of hand sanitizer were presented to the Ministry of Education for those schools in Trinidad and the Tobago House of Assembly will receive hand sanitizer for the schools in Tobago. Peter Sandström, CEO of Angostura says, “We want to ensure that our nation’s children are safe when they return to school so that when their parents go to work, they are comfortable knowing their children are protected.” Angostura’s Chief Operating Officer, Ian Forbes says, “Angostura is proud to once again do its part to  assist the country in the fight against the coronavirus by donating hand sanitizer to the Ministry of Education and the THA.” Angostura would like to wish all the students the very best in their exams. We know this is a crucial time in their lives; those who are preparing for the SEA exam to go into secondary schools and those who are writing CSEC and CAPE exams and moving on to tertiary education. Minister of Education, the Honourable Anthony Garcia says, “The donation of these hand sanitizers to our schools is a step in the right direction. It is something that we will ever be grateful to Angostura.” In addition to hand sanitizer being given to all schools in the country, Angostura is providing additional support to those in our fenceline communities of Morvant/Laventille. Mr. Forbes says, “We have purchased hand washing sinks, thermal temperature scanners, soap dispensers, liquid soap, paper towels, health and safety signs, cleaning detergents and water tanks for these schools.” As a corporate citizen of T&T, we are aware that we have a responsibility to assist the country during this pandemic period. This initiative is just the latest in our donation drive. Angostura has produced 70,000 bottles of hand sanitizer that were distributed to first responders, frontline workers and to our fenceline communities of Morvant/Laventille. Also, employees donated $1Million from their paid vacation entitlements to assist families affected by the pandemic by purchasing and distributing food hampers across T&T. Angostura LLB sponsored safety signs for all the primary and secondary schools in the fenceline communities of Morvant/Laventille. Additional items were provided to all four secondary schools of Morvant/Laventille including the Success Laventille Secondary school. The schools received hand washing sinks, thermal temperature scanners, liquid soap, soap dispensers, paper towel, safety signs and cleaning detergents. All primary schools in the area will also receive the same items. Angostura has donated over 7,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to all Government and Government Assisted schools in Trinidad and Tobago. Each school will receive 12 bottles. The Ministry of Education has collected the bottles for the schools in Trinidad and the Tobago House of Assembly will collect for the schools in Tobago.  


Angostura employees distributed $1Million worth of food hampers within a three-day period to families who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. On May 10th, we announced that our employees were embarking on a food drive after giving up their paid vacation entitlements to assist families in need. The Company’s Management, Executives and the Board of Directors also financially donated to the food drive. Employees created a pool of funds valued at $1Million towards their initiative entitled “From Our Angostura Family To Yours”. In fact, employees sourced, ordered and purchased all the food items themselves using the money they donated from their benefits. In addition, they also packed all the boxes of hampers to be distributed to families. Every employee was given the opportunity to select families across the country who need help and they personally delivered the food hampers to them. In addition, hampers were given out to several NGOs including the Loveuntil Foundation, Serving Women and Youth, as well as, National Family Services and bartenders. Other groups collecting hampers were councillors from the Morvant/Laventille communities, the Inter-Agency Task Force and the North Eastern Division Community Policing Unit. Each food hamper consisted of over 60 items including canned foods, dry goods, fresh produce, meats, dairy products, cleaning supplies and toiletries. Many suppliers contributed to the employees’ food drive by donating additional items, and as a result, the employees were able to give families at least a month’s worth of groceries. Angostura would like to thank all the suppliers that supported our employees either by donating items or by significantly reducing their prices which increased the value of the hampers as our employees were able to include more items in each hamper. The cost of each hamper would have doubled if the items were purchased on the retail market. The employees who are represented by the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Trade Union said the food drive meant a lot to them because it was their way of giving back to those who need help at this difficult time. President General of the SWWTU, Michael Annisette said the employees’ initiative to give up their vacation days to donate money towards the food drive and to personally pack all the hampers was a labour of love and an indication of the humility of the Angostura employees. Angostura is very proud of its team and their commitment to helping vulnerable families at this crucial time. Our employees were able to put a smile on the faces of many families across Trinidad & Tobago. The employees’ initiative is the first of its kind in T&T and comes off the back of our hand sanitizer project in March when we donated 70,000 bottles to first responders, communities and businesses with frontline staff. The Angostura family will continue to lend support in whatever way we can during this dreaded pandemic


Port of Spain, Trinidad. May 11th, 2020:  In keeping with Angostura’s efforts to assist Trinidad and Tobago during this difficult period, our employees, represented by the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Trade Union, came up with an idea on how they can help families financially impacted by the pandemic. In an unprecedented display of goodwill, they decided to donate some of their vacation days to create a pool of funds that will be used to purchase food items for the most vulnerable who are financially impacted by the novel coronavirus. The Management, Executives and Board of Directors have also financially supported the drive. This employee-driven initiative saw 341 Angostura employees giving up a total of 1,074 vacation days, valued at $1,000,000.00. Commenting on why he donated his vacation days, Engineering and Maintenance Supervisor, Victor Francis says, “I give because to me it’s the best thing that one can do at a time like this.” Technical Assistant, Sean C. Alleyne says, “I truly believe that any act or gesture of kindness and compassion would go a long way.” Industrial Relations Officer, Diane Henderson says, “Gratitude is understanding what you have and finding the freedom to give to others.” The generosity and selflessness from employees at all levels of the Company have been tremendous and some have even given up all their vacation amounts for the year. This says a lot about the Angostura staff and the values of the Company which they all live by, which are, Togetherness, Tenacity, Passion and Integrity.  The employees’ initiative entitled, “From Our Angostura Family To Yours” is a gift of their kindness to the country. We are extremely proud of all our employees for conceptualizing this idea and driving this initiative with a huge goal in mind. Staff members will be distributing food hampers to families. On March 20th, 2020, Angostura announced that it was embarking on a donation drive to produce  hand sanitizer for first responders, communities and businesses with frontline staff. Since then the Company has given out 70,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to front liners including police officers, prison officers, healthcare and social development workers and to our fence-line communities in Laventille/Morvant. Angostura will continue to assist those in need during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.  

Notice to Shareholders

Pursuant to Section 67(2)(c) of the Securities Act, 2012 (“the Act”), Angostura Holdings Limited (“the Company”) wishes to advise its shareholders that the 2019 Annual Report (in accordance with Section 63(b) of the Act) is now accessible on the Company’s website at the following links: or Printed copies may be obtained by: • Contacting our Corporate Secretariat at (868) 623-1841 Ext. 141 or 160; or • Emailing your request to Should there be a need to obtain further information about the accessibility of the documents please do not hesitate to contact: Mrs. Kathryna Baptiste Assee Group General Counsel/Corporate Secretary Angostura Holdings Limited Corner Eastern Main Road and Trinity Avenue Laventille TRINIDAD

Notice to Shareholders

Notice to Shareholders The Company advises that at a meeting of the Board of Directors held on April 22, 2020, a final divided of $0.17 per share was recommended for the financial year ended December 31, 2019.  The Company further advises as follows;
  • The payment date: October 29, 2020
  • The recorded date: October 08, 2020; and
  • The ex-dividend date: October 06, 2020
By order of the Board Kathryna Baptiste Assee Corporate Secretary


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought global economies to its knees, with many grinding to a halt. It has crippled so many industries worldwide, particularly the food and beverage industry such as bars and restaurants, where millions of people around the world are now without a job, since bars have been forced to close their doors and restaurants have limited their businesses to pick-up services only. Most of the employees in these establishments have relied heavily on tips from customers to pay their bills to take care of their families. Their livelihood has now been uprooted by the outbreak of the coronavirus and it is anyone’s guess when normalcy will return. The food and beverage industry is an area that Angostura Holdings cares deeply about as it’s a sector that has continuously supported our business. To the healthcare workers and all other first responders around the world, thank you for taking care of everyone in your respective countries, and risking your lives daily to ensure that the coronavirus does not spread. Our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and communities are suffering due to this pandemic. As a corporate citizen of Trinidad & Tobago we cannot sit by and watch those who have supported us suffer at the hands of this dreaded coronavirus. It is our responsibility to do what we can to fight this virus from taking over our country. One of the products desperately needed at this time is hand sanitizer and, we are able to produce pharmaceutical grade alcohol to make it. Angostura has transformed its distilling capability to deliver all pharmaceutical demands while also producing 50,000 bottles of 375 ml and 20,000 bottles of 1.75 litres hand sanitizer to donate. As at April 1st, Angostura began distributing the hand sanitizer to public hospitals for healthcare workers, the Ministry of National Security for its first responders such as the Police Service, Defence Force, Prison Service in T&T, communities and other entities with direct public interaction. Our employees have been working tirelessly to ensure that we deliver the best quality of hand sanitizer. It comprises of 80% ethyl alcohol and small amounts of hydrogen peroxide and glycerin. It is made according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations and formula. This is not the first time the Company has stepped in to give assistance to the nation. In fact, Angostura has a long history of supporting its communities, employees and partners, and this time around is no different. CEO Peter Sandstrom says, “We felt it was crucial to manufacture and donate hand sanitizer for frontline healthcare workers and other first responders. These are workers who are putting their lives on the line to combat the spread of COVID-19. It is important to us that they are protected from this virus. We, at Angostura, appreciate their sacrifices and we salute them for their contribution.” Sandstrom adds, “Angostura is a business built for people and by people. In times like these, it is essential, we deliver what the country needs. As an executive team, we took the decision to begin producing high-grade alcohol for sanitizing liquids to ensure that we could support the nation’s fight against the coronavirus, by preventing the spread of the virus with the very effective and powerful hand sanitizer. At a time when our plant was down, we have made modifications to increase, as far as we can, our alcohol production capacity. The excess alcohol though limited, has been distributed for sale to those licensed to produce hand sanitizers. Angostura is here to support the nation and we are making every effort to do this.” The company started a distillery upgrade back in December 2019, which is still underway and that has limited the amount of alcohol in our plant. Despite this, Mr. Sandstrom says, Angostura is committed to delivering what it takes to assist T&T. To say these are uncertain times is an understatement. We don’t know what lies ahead, but what we do know is that Angostura Holdings. will continue to play a role in fighting the spread of COVID-19 in T&T. As a global bitters and rum producer that has been around for over 195 years, know we will ride through this storm. COVID-19 is having a severe impact on all businesses. The coronavirus hit our country in mid-March when the first positive case was detected. Since then the number of positive cases has been climbing and this has led to a shutdown of many businesses, leaving thousands of people without jobs. We at Angostura have been able to sustain our operations so that we can maintain all our employees at this time, but this is being done through strict and stringent safety measures to protect everyone. While we have secured our personnel, we are constantly reviewing our supply chains to maintain business continuity. The Gov’t of T&T has closed off all international borders, thereby restricting entry, social gatherings have been prohibited, and social distancing is being encouraged in a bid to safeguard citizens from the dreaded virus that has taken over many other countries. The Government also took a decision to allow only essential services to operate for a two-week period, to ensure the amount of people leaving their homes is limited so that the coronavirus does not continue to spread. Together, we can all fight this and regain control of our lives and our beloved country.

Notice of delay in audited financials

ANGOSTURA HOLDINGS LIMITED NOTICE TO SHAREHOLDERS (Pursuant to Rule 601( 4) of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange Rules) DELAY IN THE PUBLICATION OF AUDITED ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Please be advised that due to unanticipated events arising out of the domestic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the publication of the Company’s Audited Annual Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2019 will be delayed. The Company anticipates publication of its Audited Annual Financial Statements on or before the extended deadline granted by the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange. By order of the Board Kathryna Baptiste Assee Corporate Secretary

Material Change Disclosure

Having received the required statutory approval on January 08, 2020, Mr. Peter Sandstrom has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Angostura Holdings Limited with effect from January 13, 2020. By order of the Board Kathryna Baptiste Assee Corporate Secretary

Diamond Jubilee

Angostura® aromatic bitters is proud to have held a Royal Warrant of Appointment from HM Queen Elizabeth II since 1955. In 2012, the 60th year of her Majesty’s reign, we broke with nearly 200 years of tradition by re-designing the Angostura ® aromatic bitters. This was with the aim to raise funds for the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, the official charity of the Royal Warrant Holders Association, which makes awards to craftsmen and women to help them further their careers. Only 24,000 bottles were available world-wide.