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Trinidadian Jewels

Angostura® Single Barrel Reserve

The romance begins from the very first sip. Treasure the rare inviting richness found in the light wooden notes with a hint of vanilla. This rum is aged in individually selected #1 select Oak Bourbon barrels to guarantee a superb mellow taste with notes of dried tropical fruits. Exhilarating on the palate.

A blend of medium and heavy rums distilled in Angostura's state-ofthe-art continuous five-column still to give its rich and deep bronze hue.

The blend is hand-drawn and aged in a single select Bourbon Oak cask for a minimum of 5 years.

Authentic, pure Trinidadian rum with distinctive packaging.

Limited edition (only a certain number of batches possible per year).

Rich full-bodied flavour and smoother than any scotch in its price range.

Fernandes Black Label

This could well be the signature rum of the Fernandes name itself, which has come to symbolise years of tradition, meticulousness and well-earned respect. It is made to be savoured, unhurriedly, in the evening while the day’s victories are regaled with pride. The drinker of distinguished taste who asks for it by name will be receiving one of Trinidad's greatest accolades.

No.1 selling rum in Trinidad & Tobago in the late 90’s and still the No.1 pouring gold rum today.

The ideal ingredient in the classic 'Rum n Coke' recipe (excellent mixability).

Superior gold rum at an affordable price.

Authentic pure Trinidadian rum with distinctive packaging.

Royal Oak

A blend of carefully selected Trinidad rums aged for a maximum of 5 to 7 years by the Master Blender. Long regarded as "Trinidad's Finest", Royal Oak remains a cultural icon within the twin-island republic.

Hand-crafted and matured in Oak Bourbon barrels for a maximum of 5 to 7 years.

Authentic pure Trinidadian rum with distinctive packaging.

Medium bodied, rounded, mellow taste ideal for sipping yet versatile as a mixing rum.

Prestigious blend still widely regarded as the signature rum of Trinidad & Tobago.

White Oak

Currently the leading standard rum brand in Trinidad and St. Vincent, White Oak remains one of the flagship products of Angostura's impressive rum portfolio.

No.1 selling rum in Trinidad & Tobago.

No.1 selling rum in standard rum category in St. Vincent.

Well reputed for its smoothness and mixability.

Authentic pure Trinidadian rum with distinctive packaging.

Forres Park Puncheon Rum

Forres Park was developed for the exclusive use of the Fernandes family and their estate workers. The name is derived from the old sugar estate that the family acquired in the 1930’s. This over-proof rum was stored in enormous wooden casks or ‘puncheons’ as they were then called.

Fastest growing brand in Trinidad (gaining popularity with little advertising spend)

Currently the #2 rum brand in Trinidad.

75% genuine strength (higher strength than Wray & Nephew Over-Proof).

Triple filtered to ensure maximum quality and intensity.

Authentic pure Trinidadian rum with distinctive packaging.

Angostura Rum Punch

The Classic Caribbean Rum Punch recipe infused with the tropical Caribbean fruit flavours of Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Coconut, Melon and Sorrel.

No.1 selling flavoured rum punch in the Caribbean.

Key offering for any partner’s duty free portfolio (half the price of Passoa and Alize).

Angostura has undoubtedly created a recipe that can be described as the signature drink of the Caribbean.

Quick, ready to drink, serve best over crushed ice.

Flavours are convenient and affordable alternatives directly substituted for classic cocktail recipes (Piña Coladas, Mango Daiquiris).