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Other Gems

Fernandes Cherry Brandy

Category: Fortified Wine

Segment: Value

Sizes Available: 750ML

Extracted from local ripe and dark red cherries, Fernandes Cherry Brandy is subtly enhanced with exotic spices, and blended with fine brandy. This product remains a must-have, classic ingredient in the preparation of fruit cake recipes. It plays an intricate role in the crafting of any festive season such as Christmas.

No. 1 selling cherry brandy in Trinidad & Tobago.

Essential in the preparation of fruit cake recipes.

Low alcohol strength (12% ABV).

Very affordable with uncompromised taste and quality.

Strong fruity bouquet brimming over with the taste of plump, ripe dark red cherries. Blended till smooth and infused with aromatic spices.

Mokatika Coffee Liqueur

Segment: Premium - Value

Sizes Available: 750ML

Mokatika Coffee Liqueur is dark and smooth, reflecting the mysterious spirit of the Caribbean. Premium quality Angostura rums and select Arabica coffee beans are skillfully blended in perfect harmony to produce the glowing warmth of Mokatika.

The most affordable brand in its class while maintaining excellence in quality

Big name brands such as Tia Maria and Kahlua are twice and three times the price of Mokatika

Attractive and distinctive packaging

Blended to retain a deep, dark and rich coffee colour, the aroma is a robust and rounded coffee flavour that is complemented by a mellow smooth taste.

The essential ingredient in classic cocktail recipes such as Brown Cows and Black Russians.

Blu Vodka

Category: Vodka

Segment: Premium - Value

Sizes Available: 750ML

This premium vodka is processed through a five-column still, then triple filtered to attain exceptional clarity and superlative quality. Its taste is mellow, extremely clean, very polished and finishes smoothly with a delicate edge. This sensationally elegant vodka is the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality, purity and versatility at an affordable price.

Pouring Vodka of choice at leading bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Trinidad.

Best value - premium vodka in its class; significantly more affordable than higher priced brands.

Attractive and distinctive packaging.

Triple filtration allows Blu Vodka to retain a superior light, clean, crisp and pure taste.

It is extremely mixable and goes well with all types of juices and carbonated beverages, and is the perfect ingredient for all classic vodka cocktail recipes (martinis, etc.).