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Limited Editions

No. 1 Oloroso Sherry

No. 1 Oloroso Sherry is the third edition from Angostura’s Cask Collection. A blend of rum aged up to 22 years, this silky smooth, complex rum is a beautiful amber with superb clarity, which offers flavours of woodiness, roasted nuts and hints of sherry, and a medium rounded and oaky finish. Only 16,200 bottles will be made available in select markets worldwide.

No 1

No. 1 is a celebration of the House of Angostura’s rich heritage and artistry in blending some of the world’s finest rums. With only 9,600 bottles available worldwide, No. 1 is the first premium rum to be unveiled in The Cask Collection, a new limited-edition range dedicated to rums aged in special casks.

Angostura No.1 is a testament to Don Carlos Siegert, son of the brand’s founder, who dreamt of making the “smoothest blend in the new world.

No. 1 French

No. 1 Once Used French Oak, is the second edition of Angostura’s Cask Collection. Initially aged for a minimum of 10 years in American Oak casks, the rums were then artfully combined by The House of Angostura’s Master Blender and re‐casked into carefully selected French Oak casks that were once used for aging cognac. The rum was then left to mature for an additional 6 years. There are just 15,030 bottles on the market.


Legacy by Angostura is the world’s most expensive rum and is made up of a special blend of seven of the brand’s most rare and precious rums.

“Legacy by Angostura is the ultimate expression of Angostura rum. We set out to create the greatest sipping rum ever produced and we believe we have achieved something that is both unique and unequalled,” John Georges, Master Distiller.

Siegert's 190

A limited edition collectors' item, ideal for corporate gifting. Blended specially for our 190th anniversary, this celebratory memento is a combination of warm, passionate aged rums and our iconic aromatic bitters. This is a nod to the very first rum made by the Siegerts - Siegerts Bouquet, which started our rich rum heritage.